Best of 2014 from Volusion’s Ecommerce Blog

Get a recap of the best blog posts from Volusion’s ecommerce blog.

We strive to create high quality content to help entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and run successful online businesses. In 2014, we wrote almost 200 blog articles on a myriad of topics including SEO, responsive design, social media, PPC, shopping feeds, website design and ecommerce conversions. Without further adieu, lets take a look at the best of 2014 blog posts.

Best of Ecommerce

1. 8 Things You Need to Know before Selling on eBay If you are planning to, or already are selling on eBay, then this post is a must read for you.
  1. 5 Essential Practices for Running Your Ecommerce Affiliate Program
    Follow these best practices to build a successful affiliate program for your ecommerce business.

  2. Matcha Source Tea: In the Business of Wellness, One Cup at a Time
    One of the many success stories at Volusion, Alissa White shares her success story of selling matcha teas from around the world.

  3. The Basics of Protecting Yourself from Malicious Websites
    Learn how to protect your information and stay safe on the internet in this blog post.

  4. The Ultimate Ecommerce Guide for Stores in the Food Industry
    From marketing to design, find everything you need to know to build a successful online food store with this guide.

  5. The Selling Power of Promotional Guarantees
    Convert your online store's visitors to paying customers with the right type of promotional guarantees.

  6. University of Oregon Duck Store Soars Above Competition with Mobile Commerce
    Discover how the Duck Store took advantage of Volusion's mobile commerce to increase sales and boost performance.

Best of Ecommerce Marketing

1. Creating Social-Ready Online Promotions This post details five easy tips for creating promotions that will entice customers to buy and share your products with their friends.
  1. 5 Tips for Better Off-Site SEO
    While on-site SEO is important, it’s vital to not overlook off-site SEO. Check out our five top tips for improving your ecommerce store’s off-site SEO.

  2. PPC & Humor: The Good, The Bad & The Funny
    Humor can leave a lasting impression on a customer. Learn when to use and when not to use humor in paid ads.

  3. 7 Product Image Mistakes Google Shopping Will Bust You For
    To be successful in Google Shopping, be sure to avoid making these mistakes with product images.

  4. Setting a Foundation for SEO with Product Categorization
    Boost the SEO for your ecommerce store with these tips for organizing your products in a way that will make sense for users and search engines.

  5. Cultivate Your Audience & Drive Engagement With Our New Facebook Infographic
    Check out our infographic with top tips for driving engagement and finding success with Facebook’s 1.19 billion monthly active users.

  6. Conversion-Driving Product Titles for Google Shopping
    This video explains how to write effective product titles that will help drive conversions in Google Shopping.

  7. Killer PPC Tips from Hero Conference Part 1
    Our search marketing specialists share the latest tips and tricks they learned from attending a top paid search marketing conference.

Best of Ecommerce Design

1. Cater to More Devices with Free Responsive Templates Discover the benefits of using responsive design on your ecommerce website with the newly launched responsive templates for your online store.
  1. 4 Simple and Inexpensive Photo Shoot Tricks
    This video provides you with four DIY photo shoot tricks to create stunning pictures for your online store.

  2. Planning a Conversion-Minded Site Layout
    While designing your website, the first step is to figure out your site layout. Learn why it is important to plan your site with conversions in mind for long-term success.

  3. 5 Quick Ways to Instantly Refresh Your Store’s Design
    Quickly give your website a fresh look with these five easy to-do tips without the hassle of a complete redesign.

  4. Web Design Apps: 6 Tools of the Trade
    This blog post helps you discover new design tools to keep you motivated and foster your creative side.

  5. 5 Qualities of Effective Logo Design
    In this post, you will learn how to design a logo that is effective and represents your brand well.

  6. Curbing Bounce Rates with Custom 404 Pages
    This post details how custom 404 pages can help lower bounce rate by preventing keep your website visitors from leaving.


Thank you for reading and following our blog. We look forward to sharing many more inspiring and educational posts in 2015.