Learn by example as one of our web designers reviews 5 ecommerce websites that were able to bring the visual branding of their site to the next level.

Branding Done Right

Nothing speaks trust like solid branding. If your customers know your brand’s personality and enjoy the products your store delivers, they will refer back to your store time and time again. Strong branding within your site can set the tone, giving the shopper an immediate indication into what kind of industry they are browsing.

Take a look at the following sites that incorporate cohesive branding in their site’s logo, design and products, giving their customers a more engaging shopping experience.

1. Puppy Yummy

Puppy Yummy

Puppy Yummy sells original healthy dog treats and does a great job establishing their voice throughout their website. One thing that really shines on the Puppy Yummy site is their consistent branding displayed on their packaging. The same black and green colors and distressed font that is present on their logo and labeling is used within the site to reiterate the branding that has already been established. Simple touches, like keeping the site more photography-based rather than illustrative, help combine the partnership between product and message. Overall, Puppy Yummy does an excellent job of combining the elements present in their established branding to make a seamless transition onto the interactive medium.

2. Kito 1981

Kito 1981

As is the case with most things, less is more, and Kito 1981 demonstrates this well. By keeping the site clean with a white and black palette, sans-serif fonts and bold product and lifestyle photography, the site reflects nothing more than a casual modern style. Their logo takes center stage in the header when paired with a thinner navigation font so a user can easily establish who they are shopping with. Such things as the search function and cart summary are represented by simple icons minimizing the space they would otherwise take up, further defining more whitespace on the site.

3. Love From Venus

Love From Venus

Love From Venus’s gold accentuated color palette mimics the mixture of simplicity and detailed elegance in their jewelry. Using an overall white tone within the site helps the product photography shine, and since the jewelry is essentially what makes up the brand, spotlighting these products is essential. One key aspect to Love From Venus is the consistent tone present in their photographs--the viewer we can easily see that these photographs form a collection and that cohesive feel establishes a solid presence.

Combined with the white, black and gold tones of the site, the viewer is transcended into a luxurious experience that represents the Love from Venus’s jewelry line. By keeping the site design elegant, the user can then trust that the products will reflect the same feeling.

4. Equezon


Nothing says equestrian like leather, and Equezon.com uses a lot of it, especially to showcase important elements within the site such as calls to action, navigation, feedback and cart summaries. Paired with a rich navy, the dark brown and and light gray these colors bring a sense of high class masculinity to the site perfectly accenting the brand’s products. Using the same fonts present in the logo the site strengthens the relationship between the already established brand and their new interactive medium. Like the other sites mentioned, Equezon also does an excellent job showcasing photography similar in tone and feel which creates more of a cohesive and trusted shopping experience.

5. Drink Reliant

Drink Reliant

Drink Reliant does an excellent job setting the mood for their health-conscious water. For starters, the site’s palette is simply varying shades of blue paired with white, which signify clean, healthy hydration. The circles present in their logo are used for illustrative elements through out the site such as in background textures, navigation, call to action buttons, cart summaries and informative icons on how the product works. These organic shapes are paired with a soft, rounded sans serif friendly font. By omitting out of using photography, the single product is showcased with simple gray, white and blue illustrations that reemphasize their brand. A user never forgets where they are shopping while scrolling down the site because these elements are carried through to every panel. Reliant is a beautiful site in which the design really allows the product to shine.

Take the time to develop your brand standards or work with one of our designers to begin the process of branding your business. Building a cohesive look and feel will create a positive user experience that will keep a customer shopping on your store.

Just like with anything else, a solid foundation will have a lasting effect. To learn more about the ways that design impacts your visitors, and your shopping cart, be sure to visit our Ultimate Field Guide to Ecommerce Conversions.

-Kim Sullivan, Web Designer