5 Secrets for Creating a Great Logo

Creating a new logo is a very exciting and important venture, whether you’re updating an existing logo or creating something brand new. Every business needs to have a great logo that accurately reflects their brand and overall personality and tone of their company.

You may be wondering: what makes a good logo? Well below we have listed five criteria that will help you create the best logo for your business!

1. Your Logo is Simple

When creating a new logo, simplicity is always key. Your logo should be concise without being filled with graphical elements that may not really convey your brand, intention or the overall tone of your business.

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2. Your Logo Leaves A Mark

One of the key things everyone wants to achieve when creating a new logo is for the logo to be memorable. The first step to a memorable logo is to keep it simple, and the second is for that logo to be unique to your brand. You want people to be able to take a quick glance and know it’s your company’s logo!


3. Your Logo Fits Your Brand

The logo you create should fit your brand. Your logo should convey the tone and personality of your company in both color and graphical imagery. The logo also doesn’t necessarily need to feature what you sell in order to be perfect for your business.


4. Your Logo Can Stand The Test of Time

Your logo should be able to still look great and be effective 5, 10 and 20 years from when you create it. Most logos that hold up over the years are simple and speak to the brand, without a ton of bells and whistles.


5. Your Logo is Versatile + Scalable

A great logo needs to have a few variations and to be versatile. You should be able to easily use your logo for print or web and go from big to small and have it still look great and be recognizable. Your logo should also look great on different color backgrounds, as well as in color or in black and white.


Creating a logo is a fun and exciting venture that can make your brand come to life. Now that you know the five criteria that makes for a great logo, you’re ready to start your own logo project!

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