4 Simple SEO Resolutions for Your Online Business in 2016

The New Year is notorious for spawning positive change in people’s lives and, with a little commitment, New Year’s resolutions can actually work. There’s something mysterious about this time of year that makes us want to become better versions of ourselves, even if only for a moment.

However, for most of us, as motivation fades, so do the results. Knowing this proves that the key to effective New Year’s resolutions is to set goals that are challenging, but no so difficult that attaining them feels like a burden. Setting realistic goals and plans to achieve them will make change easier and more fulfilling. With this idea in mind, here are 4 simple SEO resolutions that will have a huge impact on your online store.

Say Goodbye to Duplicate Content

Search engines don’t like duplicate content – and neither do Search Engine Specialists. So, it’s important to make sure there is no duplicate content anywhere on your site. Check that each landing page has a title tag, meta-description, website URL and on-page copy that is unique to that particular page.  If you are using a manufacturer’s product description on your website, there’s a good chance that many other retailers are doing the same. Rewrite these descriptions to ensure you have original content on your site.

Get to Know Your Configuration Variables

The Volusion platform allows you to have complete control over many features with the click of a mouse. Enable the social media like and share features, allow customers to write reviews about their favorite products or show customers related products to encourage additional sales. These features are readily available to Volusion customers and can aid in providing additional traffic, as well as an improved user experience.

Be Social with Your Social

Use social media to be…social! What does that mean? Reach out to and engage with the public, including followers and non-followers, with questions and ideas. To be effective, spend at least 2 solid hours a week researching and posting social media content. Post original content and your take on related content while asking your followers to share their thoughts, and engage with them when they do. Create contests and giveaways to spark interest in your most important products. If you post images, make sure they are high-quality, interesting and relevant. Always list important information (website URL, phone number, address, etc.) in the bio sections of all your social media accounts.

Learn Something New

It’s never too late to learn new tricks. There are endless SEO videos and blogs from experts in the field that provide valuable insights into how to navigate the process of optimizing your web presence. Find a favorite SEO or ecommerce blog, implement a strategy and create a plan to track your progress.

These are just a few SEO “resolutions” that can be easily implemented to improve your online presence. Give these techniques a try, visit the Volusion support page and watch our in-depth webinars to kick start your efforts. Begin now and reward yourself next year as you look back on all that you’ve learned and accomplished. You’ll be glad that you did! Wonder what the future holds? Read our blog post on SEO resolutions for 2018!