Premium Checkout Release Notes

See what updates and improvements have been made to the Premium Checkout feature by date.

10/18/21 Maintenance Release

Updated Functionality

  • Gift Cards: Customers can now pay with gift cards provided by your business at checkout. Learn how to turn on gift cards with Premium Checkout in our Help Center article.

Bugs Addressed

  • Resolves shipping cost and tax amounts not reflecting on PayPal invoices
  • Hides the Pay field until any missing contact information is entered and Save button is clicked
  • Displays an error message if customers are not logged into their Amazon / PayPal account prior to selecting Amazon / Paypal as payment method

8/30/21 Maintenance Release

Updated Functionality

  • Promo Code Redemption at Checkout: Merchants can now add any promo codes they may have during the checkout flow instead of solely in the cart.

Bugs Addressed

  • Resolves PayPal issue that caused disconnection when using one-click checkout
  • Includes fixes to dropdown list for credit card Month / Year

6/18/21 Feature & Maintenance Release

Feature Release

Address Verification: The address verification feature suggests corrections to or verifies a customer’s address once the full address has been entered. Enabling address verification for your online store results in less friction at checkout, leading to:

  • Faster shipping times
  • Reduced shipping errors that require manual resolutions
  • Increased chance of return customers

Address verification can be turned on within the admin dashboard of your site. To learn more about using address verification, check out our Help Center article.

To test address verification in your store, turn the feature on by navigating to the Checkout section of your admin dashboard (located within the “Settings” tab) and checking the box for “Enable Address Verification.” Then, complete the first page of your checkout process using the following address:

Jane Doe
6504 Bridge Point Pkwy, Suite 125
Austin, Texas 78730

Coming Soon to Address Verification

  • Autocomplete suggestions that appear once shopper starts typing address

Updated Functionality

  • Field Validation: Clearer messaging to specifically call out what fields require more/updated information before a user selects “Place Order”.

Bugs Addressed

  • Resolves Premium Checkout rounding error for taxes and shipping
  • Resolves inability to place order when changing from “Use different billing address” to "Same as Shipping Address"
  • Resolves ability to place order without providing a billing address
  • Ensures that state value that has already been selected is retained when a shopper attempts to edit their shipping address on the “Payments” page

5/18/21 Feature & Maintenance Release

Feature Release

UI/UX Overhaul: The checkout experience is one of the most important on your store, which is why we’ve dedicated our time to continually iterating on the user interface and user experience aspects of Premium Checkout. Here are a few of the most exciting UI/UX enhancements included in this release:

One Click Checkout

  • Shoppers who are logged into an account with your store will be taken to a checkout page prefilled with their previous order information.
  • If the shopper has no edits, the only action they need to take to complete the purchase is to click the "Pay" button.

Shipping Experience

  • When selecting the shipping method, the "Continue" button is disabled until no errors are present.
  • If no shipping method is selected, the system will default to the least expensive shipping method.
  • Cart and shipping methods are only updated when the shopper changes their address to something that affects the shipping method.

Guest Login Experience

  • When an email address is entered, a message will notify the shopper if an existing account is detected.
  • When a login is attempted, a message will notify the shopper if there is no account associated with the email they used.
  • When too many login attempts have been used, a message will notify the shopper that they are running out of attempts before locking them out.
  • When password help is requested, a message will notify the shopper of success.

Updated Functionality

  • New name: "Premium Checkout"
  • Updated security language at the bottom of checkout

Bugs Addressed

  • Overall error reduction in checkout
  • Transaction data is more accurate for all ad platforms (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc)
  • All currently-known PayPal-related bugs have been corrected

2/1/21 Feature & Maintenance Release

Feature Release

Custom Fields: This release adds the ability to include custom fields, which allow merchants to collect any necessary additional information from customers during checkout.

Merchants can choose between the following input types for their custom field:

  • Textbox
  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox

Other customization options include marking the field as required, ordering custom fields in relation to one another, assigning a maximum input length, and more.

Learn more about how to utilize custom fields with Premium Checkout in our Help Center article.

Updated Functionality

  • Adds GMV data table UI in a new Admin area

Bugs Addressed

  • Resolves an error that allowed credit card fields to appear when all credit card payment methods have been disabled
  • Addresses an issue with autofill results not autofilling the “State” section of an address
  • Resolves an error that allowed HTML tags and other code entered into the Purchase Order Number field to execute as code within the dashboard
  • Resolves an error that didn’t immediately identify invalid email addresses as invalid in Guest Checkout mode
  • Removes the 40 character limit from the Shipping Label field
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