The Power of Polyvore

Polyvore is a fun, image-based social media platform where users can interact with each other and — most importantly — shop. Polyvore users create magazine spread-style ‘Sets’ that demonstrate how their products can be used and/or paired with accessories. Every product featured on Polyvore has a link back to the website where it can be purchased. This, and the fact that Polyvore users are often in a shopping state-of-mind, makes Polyvore a powerful place to build brand awareness and reach new customers.

To further its allure, Polyvore users are spenders and influencers. This social commerce network boasts an average cart size of $385, which is higher than other social media networks combined. When customers make a purchase, they spend more and are comfortable with higher price tags. This makes Polyvore the perfect playground for high fashion and luxury home goods. Polyvore users are also more likely to give fashion advice to friends, so reaching engaged users gives the added benefit of word of mouth marketing.

Getting started on Polyvore is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Create a profile for your business

Sign up for a Polyvore account and add your custom logo, tagline and About Me section to help people learn more about your brand. Filling out this information and including descriptive keywords in your content helps boost your profile and products’ SEO, making it easy for users to find you. You can also connect your Polyvore account with Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger and WordPress to easily share new Sets and updates.

Quick Tip: Once you have everything filled out, go to Polyvore’s contact page and select 'Official Profile: I have created a Business Profile. Make me official!' so your profile shows as a business.

2) Add your products

Add the Polyvore clipper tool to your browser and use it to quickly add products from your Volusion store. Simply go to a product page and select your clipper bookmark. A Polyvore window will appear where you can choose the correct image and fill in the price.

Quick Tip: Be sure you add descriptive product names and tags to help people find your products when searching the site.

3) Create great sets and get them seen

Creating Sets is vital to your success on Polyvore. Sets allow you to add context to your products and help customers understand your vision. More importantly, Sets are more likely to be discovered, earn comments and bring in Polyvore “Likes” than standalone products or collections on the site.

Quick Tip: When creating a Set, simply drag and drop your products to arrange them into an outfit or display. Polyvore does a great job of removing a white background so you can layer products on top of each other with ease. While designing your Set, you also have the option to add text, borders and backgrounds, and you can easily search for additional items to pair with your own.

Bonus Tip: Your Sets will get even more visibility when you submit them to one of Polyvore’s ongoing contests or groups that share your interests, so keep an eye out for contests where your products can shine. Looking for even more visibility? Polyvore allows businesses to promote products, collections and Sets through its advertising platform.

Polyvore is a great place to create content, drive sales and harness your creativity, so we hope you have fun using this social network to showcase your products. With these easy steps, you can get started and harness the power of Polyvore for your business!

Have questions about Polyvore or tips for fellow merchants? Comment below!