6 Free Holiday Countdown Tools for Your Online Store

The holiday selling season is here! We've searched high and low for the best free holiday countdown clocks you can easily add to your online store. Remind your shoppers that time is of the essence and they'll be more likely to make a purchase.


Nothing inspires shoppers like a reminder that time is running out. The holidays may feel far away, but in reality there's less than 50 days left until it's time to unwrap all the treats under the tree. Prospects look merry and bright this year. In fact, we’re projecting a 20% increase in online holiday sales for small to medium-sized online businesses.

So make the most of this season and reiterate the fact that the spending clock is ticking with a holiday countdown on your own site. Pick the design you like the best and copy the embed code. Tick tock!


1. WiddlyTinks Christmas Countdowns

WiddlyTinks specializes in offering customizable widgets for websites. Check out their Christmas Countdown section to get nine countdown options in their signature bright and colorful style.



2. Days Until Christmas Countdown

Days Until Christmas offers three countdown options that show you exactly that. Their Christmas Day Countdown Clock 2 is particularly helpful for online stores that want a smaller countdown.



3. Your Christmas Countdown

With Your Christmas Countdown, you can customize and copy a code for your site by clicking "view options" at the top of the screen.



4. MyCountdown.org

MyCountdown.org has a host of basic counters that you can customize to any dates and holiday colors you choose, complete with custom code to embed into your store.



5. CountingDownTo.com

Similarly, CountingDownTo.com has a basic, yet clean and highly customizable counter building tool. Choose your date, event title, colors and size, and get to counting.



6. Satisfaction.com Christmas Countdown

Satisfaction.com offers five different countdown designs, many of which featuring lots of the color blue. So if your template design is blue-heavy or looks good with navy accents, these countdowns may be for you.





Emily Teachout

Emily Teachout was a Social Media writer and professional at Volusion.