How to Choose Social Media Channels For Your Business


Which are the best social media channels for my business? Should I even use social media for business? Yes. You should definitely consider using social media for your business.

Social media has given brands the power to learn on a first-hand basis about what is relevant to consumers, allowing them to build campaigns tailoring specific interests for relevant groups. It has also given brands the ability to build stronger and deeper connections with target groups, as they engage directly with audiences, and feedback can be received almost instantaneously. Most importantly, social media allows businesses to tell their brand story in a creative and innovate way. Whether it’d be through a fun campaign or rich content, social media has the capacity to allow your brand to be seen from an entirely different angle - thus, allowing your business the potential to acquire more target groups than ever before.

Here we have provided an easy guide, listing the top social media platforms to help you choose which social media channels are best for your business. As you are reading through these, keep in mind your particular target groups, industry, business type, budgets, and location.



Facebook, launched in 2004, is by far the most powerful social media channel for business. With more than 1 billion users, Facebook allows users to connect with friends and family and to stay current on topics that matter to them. Within the last couple of years, Facebook has opened its doors to advertising, completely revolutionizing the way brands market to their customers. Unlike a lot of other platforms, Facebook advertising is very successful because it targets real people with real interests and not cookies.



 Things you can do with Facebook for Business:



Instagram is the second fastest growing mobile application with an extremely powerful global presence. It launched almost six years ago and currently houses more than 400 million users. Being a company of Facebook, research suggests that 1 in every 5 minutes of mobile usage time is spent on both Facebook and Instagram. But even though they are the same company, their user groups differ quite drastically.

Instagram is a visual platform used for uploading beautiful and crafted photos and/or videos. People use Instagram on a more personal level for visual inspiration and personal discovery. About 47% of the content featured in user newsfeeds is from people they do not know, which is a huge opportunity for brands. Instagram has given businesses the ability to portray their brand under a whole different light and more as a lifestyle concept, allowing target groups to focus on brands that otherwise would have never even considered. It is a great space for businesses to create brand awareness by crafting their brand story and portraying it in a highly unique and creative way. Another nice thing about Instagram is that you do not have to create a profile to advertise through it, you can also simply do it through Facebook.



Things you can do with Instagram for Business:




Twitter, launched in 2006, has approximately 300 million users. It is more commonly recognized as the “chatterbox” or the “modern newsroom” of social media. People use it to share their thoughts and opinions, as well as to learn about current updates or happenings around the world from direct sources. Businesses and even governments have taken advantage of this functionality to connect with target groups and build stronger and more reliable relationships. For example, brands use it inform their customers of events, sales, business updates, and more.



Things you can do with Twitter for Business:




Snapchat, which is also one of the fastest growing mobile applications, is a short-image messaging and multimedia channel. It was launched in 2011 and currently has about 100 million worldwide users. In Snapchat, about 10 billion videos are viewed on a daily basis. People use Snapchat not only to communicate with friends and family in a fun and creative way, but to also stay updated on current news and events, and to explore content from celebrities or video editorials from recognized publishers such as Cosmopolitan or CNN. Users typically snap a short video or photo of a particular moment and send it to one of their followers.

If you have a young target group, then Snapchat is definitely even better for your business. According to research, Snapchat manages to reach 41% of 18-34 year olds in the United States against television time’s meager reach of 6%. Overall, this channel is great for storytelling your brand’s message in a creative and highly visual way.



Things you can do with Snapchat for Business:




Pinterest, which launched in 2010, currently has a little over 100 million users. It is called “the world’s catalog of ideas” because it is an image sharing website that allows users to create digital pin board collections of inspirations or things they like. For example, a lot of users refer to Pinterest to find unique food recipes or to find how-to’s on specific things. Users can also pin items from a particular fashion website to one of their boards in Pinterest, allowing their followers to then interact with the pins.

About 60 percent of the content featured on Pinterest is from commerce sites, which is a great opportunity for businesses.  Being a channel that has visually inspiring content, Pinterest is especially great for businesses that are in fashion, interior design, culinary, gardening, home furnishing, and travel.



Things you can do with Pinterest for Business:




Polyvore, which was launched in 2007, has about 20 million monthly visitors. It is a “hyper-focused” channel used to discover and shop for items in fashion, beauty, and home decor.  Resembling Pinterest, Polyvore users can create unique visual curations of things that inspire them and then share them with others through collage sets. The Polyvore community is highly concentrated on fashion and style. This is an awesome platform for businesses that are in fashion, beauty, or interior design.



Things you can do with Polyvore for Business:



Which social media platforms are you currently using for your business? Have any stories or questions? Let us know in the comments below!

Giovanna Hernandez

Giovanna Michelle Hernândez is a Social Media Specialist at Volusion. She has been working with Social Media clients for over 2 years and carries a vast amount of knowledge from working with small-medium sized brands to bigger ones such as Target Baby and Budweiser. She graduated from Red McCombs Business School at The University of Texas at Austin and currently resides in Austin. Some of her biggest passions include travel, blogging, interior design, and capturing moments. She is a huge foodie and can never stop eating gluten-free pizza or supporting small local businesses in town.