3 Creative Ways to Promote Your Products with Minor Holidays

Major holidays, like Christmas and New Year, are obvious wins in the ecommerce world. They’re easy to promote and everyone knows about them, but they only happen once a year. How can you keep your customers excited and celebrating year-round? By utilizing those smaller, less-celebrated holidays to keep your online business and products in front of your customers! Here are three tips to run successful marketing promotions celebrating the minor, bizzare or wacky holidays of every month.

1. Create landing pages for each holiday

Since SEO is more of a long-term process, it’s a good idea to sit down and think about holidays that you might be able to capitalize on that your competitors may not be thinking about. For holidays that fit perfectly with your niche, you might want to consider creating a landing page specifically for each of those holidays to take advantage of keywords that may have very low competition. For example, if your store sells specialty gift items, create a page full of Mother’s Day gift ideas with items a mom would love! spring holiday 1

Smaller holidays are perfect for blog posts, which are simpler and faster to put together than a landing page. Aim to publish the post a few weeks before the holiday. To save time, follow a simple formula: collect a few relevant products and a DIY project or location to use as a base for your blog topic. Make sure you post early enough for search engines to crawl your new blog post and drive traffic, but not so early that people won’t feel the motivation to purchase. Once your blog is complete, blast your post on your social media channels; most online marketing strategies go hand in hand!

spring holiday 3

Adrianne Williams, Search Marketing Specialist

2. Add holiday specific promotional text to paid ads

The holidays are a great time to run a promotion for your store, and if you’re running a PPC campaign, promotional text can add some flair to your ad text and really make your ads stand out on the search results page. The benefits of running a holiday promotion are numerous, not only will it help you achieve more clicks, but a higher click-through-rate means a higher quality score, a higher quality score means your ad could appear higher on the page, and you may even see a decrease in cost per click.

While the major holidays have just passed don’t think there are not some excellent and creative opportunities to stand out from the competition.

For instance, the first day of spring, while not a traditional holiday it can be a hugely celebrated day after a long winter. It might just take a little creative thinking to insert your business into the conversation. Let’s take a look at an example below.

spring holiday2

The two ads above are for the same company and product. The one on the left is a good ad, but it’s also going to probably look a lot like the other ads on the search results page. The ad on the right has unique promotional text that is really going to stand out on the page and drive visitors to the site more than the generic ad. While the first day of spring may not work for your business there are tons of holidays non-traditional holidays to help you stand out with some creative marketing in your PPC campaign! If you want you can even take your promotion to the next level by adding some sitelink extensions to expand your messaging, or create some creative graphics in the same theme for a possible remarketing campaign.

Jacob Ehrnstein, Search Marketing Specialist

3. Get creative with coupon codes

Once you’ve discovered which holidays are beneficial to you, you’ll need to decide what kind of offer you’ll be willing to provide customers to entice them to shop with you. For instance, if you are a fashion retailer, and you wanted to promote St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday March 17, you could offer 17% off an entire order or specific products that are green. spring holiday 4

We recommend keeping coupon codes short and relevant to the holiday. Giveaways can be a great component of your holiday marketing plan, as they allow for fan engagement on your social networks while providing you with information to better your retargeting efforts. To maximize your sale or giveaway post’s reach on Facebook, be sure to boost the post or consider creating an offer using Facebook’s ad platform.
Facebook Offers are another great option to highlight a holiday promotion. The process is easy, as Facebook walks you through each step of the way of creating an offer directly from your business page. Enter the necessary information, including an expiration date and a claims limit before hitting create offer. We recommend uploading a square thumbnail to highlight your offer.

Mikkayla Casey, Search Marketing Specialist

It’s important to take a look ahead and plan for any upcoming holidays that may be applicable to your brand. The easiest way to do so is to sit down at the beginning or end of a month and plan ahead for the upcoming month. From there, you’ll be able to see which holidays could help add a spike in sales for your business.