Creating Social-Ready Online Promotions

Want to create online promotions for your social media channels without scaring away your well-earned audience. One of our market specialists offers tips for creating social-ready promotions.

Social Friendly Coupons

Never underestimate the power of timely, targeted promotions – a coupon, discount or free shipping delivered at the right time to the right person can mean the difference between a sale at your online store or lost opportunity to your competition. At the same time, never assume consumers on social channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, want to see your promotions at all, especially because data and research would suggest otherwise. According to ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Study, less than 5% of consumers want to see online promotions in their social feeds, with 77% preferring opt-in email promotions only.

So, how do you avoid annoying your social audience while encouraging consumers to complete a purchase and share the experience with their friends? Read on for a few quick tips:

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Cindy Day

Cindy Day was a Marketing Consultant at Volusion, where she helped store owners turn data into actionable insights.