Boosting Your Content with Free Stock Images

You’ve been working all week on your writing. You have rich content, you’ve made sure it’s SEO-friendly, you’ve edited (and edited, again), and you’re ready to publish when you realize you don’t have any visuals to support your case. And, now you're worried because you don’t want to increase your bounce rate just because you don’t have photos.

But, if you don’t want to pay for stock photography, where can you source some images for free?


The beauty of Unsplash is that it’s updated with hundreds of new photos every week. Gone are the days of finding cheesy, staged photos of people in unnatural posts — Unsplash offers a great database of images in a variety of styles that will suit even the most specific content requests.

A nice bonus, especially for those looking to sell B-to-C products, is that Unsplash offers editorial product shots in categories like cosmetics and food and beverages. This can save small businesses a fortune on hiring a photographer for atmospheric images and help you create engaging content with a great ROI without having to break the bank.


Pikwizard is a new site that has hundreds of totally free stock photos and videos. And with it's "Most Popular" feature, you can see which images are trending. Additionally, Pikwizard has many stylized of shots of people; something that many free stock photo websites lack.


Pixabay is really gaining in popularity, and with good reason. They have a massive library of images, but they also offer free high-res vectors for quick graphic design projects. Pixabay is also unique in that they also offer stock video, which can help create your site’s or post’s atmosphere, as well as help to showcase your goods and services. 90% of customers say that video helps them make a purchasing decision, so it’s worth it to find the perfect video that will really sell your product or service in an engaging way.

Check out this free stock video from Pixabay.

Death to Stock

Yep! You read that right. Death to Stock is a really unique source for free images but it’s not the traditional search platform — it’s an ongoing subscription service that sends you top-quality images once a month.

DTS won’t be of much help when you’re on the hunt for images in the eleventh hour of a project but if you do a lot of work in a particular category or channel, you can build up a nice collection of unique images that you won’t find all over the internet already. Many of them are also categorized by sentiment and mood, which gives you a nice way to capture a feeling in your audience and not just show them a photo.

High-quality, high-res and unique. All you need is a little patience.


Lorempixel isn’t just an image search site — it’s a really useful tool. In addition to searching for the image subject, Lorempixel lets you search by dimensions so you can easily drop a photo into your wireframe, blog post or other PFO project without having to do any editing or resizing.

Best of all, it gives you a custom URL that you can drop into your code that’s already formatted. If you do any kind of developing or coding, Lorempixel is about to make your life a lot easier by streamlining your work.

Need a randomly-generated 200x400 sports image? Lorempixel is here for you.

Stock Up

Stock up’s motto should be "less is more." Their library of images isn’t nearly as robust as the bigger names, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in incredible quality. Regardless of search term, you’re not going to stumble on any duds, poorly-lit shots or cheesy staged stuff. Stock Up is like your reliable photographer friend that always nails it, and it will help you save time with its incomparable quality.

Download Little Puppies Friends Free Stock Photo
A quick search for “puppies” leads you to a goldmine of cuteness for your blog post. Or your desktop background. (We won’t judge.)

Regardless of where you find your stock photos, what’s most important is that you include some kind of imagery in your content. It’s very rare that a wall of text will engage your audience — and with a quick five- or 10-minute search — you’ll help bolster that copy you poured your heart into. Plus, you'll create an appealing environment for your customers to make purchases they can feel confident in.

Have any questions about using stock images on your ecommerce website? Ask us in the comments!