6 Basic Keyword Strategy Do's and Don'ts

You’ve learned where and when keywords should be seen first, but what other areas can keywords help increase traffic? Check out all the tips and tricks for behind the scenes keyword strategies and practices to avoid.

One of the most important ways to get traffic to your website is making sure you include keywords in your content that match what your audience is searching for. In previous articles, you’ve learned how to create a highly searched, relevant keyword list and what to do with keywords directly on your website. In this article, we’ll discuss some behind the scenes keyword strategies and keyword practices to avoid.


Basic keyword strategy "do's"

It may be tempting to focus entirely on optimizing content that's right in plain sight, but by strategically placing keywords in less-noticed areas, you can help direct more traffic to your store.

Here are three behind-the-scenes places you can keyword optimize to catch more visitors:

Keywords used in these three places help search engines index your website in the most relevant areas. They also help lead new customers to your site by making it easy to get to your most pertinent information.


Basic keyword strategy "don'ts"

Now that we've seen what we should do, we'll take a look at a few big don’ts that will trigger a red flag for search crawlers and get your site penalized:

To avoid these don'ts, be sure to have a family member or trusted friend take a tour and read through your website before launch. That way, they can provide insightful advice on whether or not content seems forced and out of place, as well as give you some insight into how your customers will react.


As you can see, keywords are extremely important, both for your audience and for search crawlers ranking your website. While search algorithms may change, you can guarantee that the importance of keywords and quality content won’t. Stay focused on using relevant keywords and providing valuable content, and your store will be on the right track to grow.


Reed Daw

Reed Daw graduated from UT Austin with a BA in Corporate Communication and Rhetoric & Writing.