8 Pinterest Boards to Build and Improve Your Store

Pinterest has quickly become the go-to place for visual inspiration and information. They make it super easy to create boards, add content and organize all your ideas in one spot. Here are a few of our favorite boards to follow for creative inspiration and information.

Inspirational Shops is a great resource for ecommerce inspiration. Their Inspirational Ecommerce Web Design board is full of great online shops.


The SEO and internet marketing experts over at Moz.com have a ton of great Pinterest boards. Our favorite, though, is their Cartoons, Graphics, Infographics, Oh My board. It has a great mix of helpful tips, infographics and funny graphics to help you improve your business's marketing efforts.


I could honestly stare at type all day and never be bored. One of my favorite Pinterest boards to browse through is Designer Chad Syme’s Typography & Type Design board. He scours the internet looking for the most amazing examples of lettering and type design.


You want infographics? They’ve got infographics. Creative Market’s Infographics board is a treasure trove of infographics ranging in topic from color choices in marketing to the science behind s’mores. Yum!


Ship Station’s Robert Gilbreath maintains an Advertising, Marketing, and Etc board that covers topics ranging from font pairings to trend predictions in ecommerce. So if you you’re looking for a board that covers all of your bases at once, this one is for you.


One of the lesser-known ways to browse Pinterest is by following topics you’re interested in. For example, landing page design is something I’m really interested in staying current on. So rather than following every designer I can think of who keeps a landing page board, I can follow Landing Pages and Pinterest will generate a board containing pins relating to landing pages for me! Your topic boards can be as broad (such as "Web Design") or as specific ("Landing Pages") as you want them to be.

Here are a few of our favorites on the Creative Services Team:

Landing Pages




Branding Design


Bonus Board! Mia Pruett is a Search Marketing Manager here at Volusion and her Marketing board is filled with great information to help you be more successful online.



And don't forget to check out Volusion's Pinterest board while you're on there! Not to brag, but we have some pretty great info too.