4 Free Business Tools to Enhance Your Ecommerce Business

As we start a new year, we have four must-have free tools to help you achieve your ecommerce store’s goals in 2024.

These tools will take the guesswork out of creating a privacy policy, make sure you’re pricing your products to increase your profits, improve inventory and tracking with a barcode generator, and easily create eye-catching graphics to help your store stand out from others.

Learn more about these tools and how they can benefit your online store.

Privacy Policy Generator

When your customers purchase through your ecommerce site, they trust you to protect their privacy and their information. To protect them, and make them comfortable shopping at your online store, you must post a privacy policy.

This will tell your customers how you collect their information, how you will use it, and the steps you’re taking to protect their privacy.

While this sounds like a lot of legalese, the good news is that you don’t need a lawyer to create your privacy policy. Instead, you can use our free template. All you need to do is enter your basic contact information and we will email you an editable privacy policy template. You can customize it to fit your needs and to reflect your ecommerce store.

Profit Margin Calculator

Are you pricing your products accurately enough to grow your profits? This can be difficult. You want to make money, but you don’t want to price your items too steep. The good news is that you can make sure you’re hitting your profit margins without needing an accountant.

Our free profit margin calculator lets you easily determine your profits based on your product pricing. All you have to do is enter information on your products, including how much you purchased the items for, and the markup percentage. The calculator will then display your profits and gross profit margins. You can use this information to adjust your pricing as needed.

Barcode Generator

One of the keys to running a successful online store is being organized. You need to know what products you have available, and how many you have of each. You also need a way to track them once they are purchased and shipped. An easy way to do this is to create barcodes for each product.

Using our barcode generator tool, this is an easy task. You can create barcodes by entering a code for each product. The tool will then generate a QR, UPC, EAN13, CODE128, or CODE39 code for you to use on your products.

This will allow your online store to run more efficiently. After generating barcodes for your existing products, you can then create codes each time a product arrives, allowing you to easily put them in the system and keep an accurate inventory.

Free GIFs & Graphics for Eye-Catching Ecommerce

To grow your online store, you need to attract new customers. You can do this by using eye-catching graphics. Using GIFs and bright, creative graphics can gain the attention of potential customers scrolling through social media feeds, ads, or your website.

While this might seem like a nice-to-have asset, it’s essential – especially because we’ve made it so easy! We have free graphics you can use to promote your store. There are no strings attached – you don’t even have to credit us. All you need to do is find an image you want to use, click on it, and download it. You can edit it to make it reflect your store, add your logo, crop it, resize it, and more. You can also use it wherever you see fit – from your ecommerce store to your social media accounts, and even printed materials like flyers.

Use Our Tools to Succeed in 2024

We hope that these four tools will help you achieve your online store’s goals in the New Year. If you’re looking for additional resources, we have more free tools you can use. Another way our team at Volusion can help your business succeed is through our ecommerce solutions. We can help your business grow through beautiful, easy-to-use ecommerce sites, essential features to help you sell products, and built-in tools to help you expand your business.

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