7 PPC Treats for Fall Promotion Success

Let’s think of your marketing toolbox, or, in the spirit of fall, your marketing cornucopia.

There’s this weird lumpy yellow gourd over here, we’ll call that social media. Then, you’ve got a bunch of fall foliage, some leaves and wheat maybe. Those are your email marketing lists.

Finally peeking out, somehow almost forgotten, the favorite of the bunch. The tiny orange pumpkin, or is it a gourd? Does anyone even know? This is your pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Almost lost behind the daunting yellow gourd, and hidden behind the plethora of leaves. PPC is how your site can stand out and get noticed! PPC is the chocolate cake you’ve been looking for in a sea of stale holiday fruit cakes. There are always key questions with PPC that should be addressed:

“How will I get noticed?”

“What can I do differently?”

“What is my cornucopia missing?”

“What is a cornucopia anyway?!”

Undoubtedly, you’re already familiar with PPC. These ads are most of what you’re seeing online.

  • They show up in your Facebook feed and on the right side of your Timeline.
  • The ads in the margins of your favorite website and seem to know exactly what you’ve been shopping for.
  • They’re also at the top of search engine results.
Keeping with the autumnal theme, we’ve got a few tips on how you can use PPC, in conjunction with promotions, to increase your exposure and drive quality traffic to your website. No tricks, just PPC treats!

Set achievable ghouls

A solid goal should fuel any promotion. When using PPC, your goal should be ecommerce focused. Using search ads to increase Facebook likes often leads to excess spend and frustration. Instead, focus on increasing revenue, the number of transactions, add-on items purchased or repeat customers. These goals are measurable, and assist in direct responses from your targeted audience.

Pick a gourd promotion

Once you’ve settled on a goal, it’s time to select a good promotion. Consider running a contest or perhaps a sweepstakes that provides entries per dollar spent. You could also do a random giveaway to customers who purchase. Remember, you know your audience better than anyone else, so be sure to use a promotion that keeps them active and engaged.

Fall back on a comfortable budget

Before you begin your PPC campaign, you’ll want to decide on a budget. If you’re already using PPC, try updating current campaigns to reflect your promotions. Or consider allocating separate funds as necessary. Knowing how long you want to run your ads and what you’re willing to spend is a key piece to getting started.

Determine witch channels to use

As mentioned, PPC ads are everywhere. However, they can serve very different functions.
  • If you want to reach a specific demographic with known interests, Facebook ads may be best.
  • If you’re trying to find people actively searching for your products, then try search ads with Google or Bing.
  • There’s also the option to run ads based on a consumer’s online behavior. These display network ads are shown in the margins of other websites they visit.
Of course, a robust strategy could use all three options.

Make a-maize-ing ads

Creating PPC ads can be tricky. Text-based ads need to be enticing but have strict character limitations. Image-based ads need to look professional and eye catching, while keeping in line with company branding. Plus, Facebook also has limitations on the amount of text in the ad’s image. Most importantly, you’ll need compelling calls to action. You should also A/B test your ads by creating several ads to see which are the most effective. Learn more about A/B testing here.

Give them pumpkin to talk about

Since you’ve already come up with an incredible promotion and are ready to create the perfect ads, you’ll want to make sure the landing pages for ads are as relevant as possible. Landing pages should show products relevant to your ads and showcase the promotion front and center. Be sure product descriptions are unique to your site, explain product details and convey the benefit the customer receives when they purchase from your site. Google Results

Gobble-up the metrics

Once your ads are live, use the native analytics platform for your ads to determine the effectiveness. Consider running short tests in the beginning and ramp-up spend and rotation as you become more confident in your campaign. Just don’t expect any miracles overnight! Try using unique click IDs found under the ROI tracking tab in your Volusion admin section to see which efforts are contributing to your sales.

These basic PPC tips should get you well on your way to combining the power of PPC and promotions to meet your ecommerce goals. PPC can be a daunting prospect, but take it slow, be thorough and leaf nothing out.

Have you marketed a promotion with PPC? Let us know what you learned in the comments.