5 Ways to Promote Your Products Using Hyperlapse Videos

Have you always been interested in using video to promote your products, but weren't able to invest in the time and the technology. Learn 5 ways you can overcome those obstacles with hyperlapse videos.

Rapid, get-to-the-point content continues to pack social media punch, with tweets, single panel images and short videos shared as quickly as they are created. Vine’s 6-second looping videos have, until recently, given them a secure foothold as the social media standard for short video content; however, Instagram has staked their own hold with their Hyperlapse application.

Rather than concentrating on looping video, Hyperlapse uses an advanced image stabilization algorithm to allow users to counteract the effects of their jitters and shaking hands to produce smooth time-lapse videos with a professional appearance. The user simply selects their playback speed—up to 12x that of the original recording—and films their scene, allowing the software to do the rest; there are no filters or other complex options. As with Vine, these short videos can be easily shared on other social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

If you haven’t considered incorporating video into you marketing strategy yet, or you are not sure where to get started, here are 5 ways you can use Hyperlapse videos to promote your products and your brand.

Product demos

The most obvious use for short videos is also one of the best. Simple product demonstrations and showcases are easy to produce and can carry much more impact than still images.

Sneak peaks

Reveal upcoming products and product features through video so that your shoppers can anticipate how your product will work, not just view promotional stills.

Company culture

Show off the human side of your business by taking time-lapse video of your staff and your workplace. This is an excellent way to showcase group projects or group volunteer efforts.


Showcase your products as they are used by real people in the real world in order to tell a story that your audience can empathize with. If you sell bicycles, for example, do not just create time-lapse video of a new product, create video of an experienced cyclist taking their new bike for a spin across an attractive landscape.


The videos that you create yourself are only part of the content potential. Encourage your social media followers to create their own time-lapse videos featuring your products and hold contests on your favorite social media channels.

If you have always wanted to include video marketing in your business strategy, but could not afford to invest in the time and technology to make it a reality, it is time to reconsider. Most new phones double as HD recording devices and your audience is looking for short, easily digestible and realistic content, which is simple to produce thanks to new applications.

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