The holidays can represent a myriad of ideas, depending on whom you ask. For the dedicated entrepreneur, they can signify increased revenue, replete with tight deadlines and long hours. To the American consumer, they may mean additional time off work and shopping for family and friends. Regardless of what the holidays mean to you, it’s almost impossible not to feel a desire to give back to less fortunate individuals and organizations during this time of year.

Many companies organize outings with local nonprofits, while others host food drives or sponsor a family in need. We know, we know – the holidays are insane. But donating your time and/or money to a charity in need can improve employee satisfaction and brand perception, and even give you a much needed happiness boost. To get you in the giving spirit, here are our top 5 picks for the best nonprofits to support during the holidays:

American Red Cross

The  American Red Cross was founded more than 100 years ago with the goal of providing care and help to those in need. Their current services include disaster relief, support for America’s military families, blood drives and much more. If you’re looking for trusted and well-known organization to support, this is a fantastic bet.


It seems that almost any conversation about the future of the nation, political or otherwise, centers on the need for better education. Donorschoose.org is a top-rated online charity that allows anyone to donate money to help fund classroom projects. From pencils to microscopes, this organization is committed to improving hands-on learning in the classroom.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, and the second most common cancer overall. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is one of the most financially efficient nonprofits in the U.S., and commits 91 cents of every dollar spent to research, prevention education and better treatment options.

Wildlife Conservation Society

With the recent agreements about climate change policy from the COP 21 in Paris, it’s an advantageous time to show your support for protecting the environment. The WCO’s goal is to protect the world largest populations of natural wildlife through, education, science and conservation techniques.

Homes for our Troops

As we celebrate the holidays with family and friends, it’s important to remember the sacrifices made by our troops to grant us the safety and comfort that many can take for granted. Homes for Our Troops helps severely injured Veterans Post-9/11 by building specially adapted, mortgage-free homes. By showing your support, you are helping a Veteran rebuild their lives with a newfound independence and a focus on recovery.

The holidays can be exciting, stressful, renewing and demanding all at the same time, but by taking time to help others, you are also helping yourself and your buisiness. So, as you enter the last leg of 2015, show your appreciation for your employees, business and community by volunteering your time and resources to help someone in need. We promise it will be the best decision you've made all year!