4 Ways to Thank Your Customers This Year

How do you thank the customers that are building your holiday success story? Here are 4 ways to express your gratitude and encourage customer loyalty.

Thank Your Customers

The holidays represent a considerable number of things for which merchants should be thankful; however, between record sales and hurried stock management, it can be difficult to find the time to thank the customers that make your business successful, and the sheer number of orders can make it easy to take each individual customer for granted.

Making your customers feel appreciated now, however, is an excellent way to make them repeat customers in the future, and to start building the customer following that will one day make your business less dependent on seasonal booms. Here are a few ways to thank your customers this year:

Showcase them on social media

Comb your social media channels and look for customers that have taken pictures of your products, shared stories or who have taken part in your social media contests. They were willing to shine the spotlight on you, so return the favor and make special mention of their contribution. Even if you have not been running a contest, impromptu prizes for a job well done are sure to win over some social media love.

Writing thank you notes

Include thank you notes in all of your order shipments, and be sure to hand sign them. This gesture may be simple, but it is certain to make an impression. For larger orders, thank about getting an actual greeting card and writing a special message.

Send surprise gifts

Especially supportive customers may warrant even more than a greeting card. Consider including one of your most popular products as a surprise gift, especially limited use products that complement their initial purchase—extra seed for a bird feeder, lens cleaner for a camera, etc. It may be worth going back even further in the year, finding a uniquely generous order and sending a gift to the customer.

Literally say thanks

Take the time to look over your product reviews, blog comments and social media engagement to look for positive feedback—or even constructive negative feedback—from your customers. This is the easiest, most direct way to say thanks, and it is a good habit to start developing for 2015.
What are you thankful for this year, and how are you showing your customers your thanks?

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