Turning Character into Content Creation

Looking for more opportunities to create content for your site? We'll show you how to explore your own brand personality for inspiration in the content creation process.

Want to make your blog posts and website content more fun for your shoppers? Try adding a little personality to what you write! Integrating your brand’s personality into your site’s content can help shoppers feel more connected to your store, bolstering brand loyalty and increasing return visitors.

Finding Your Business’s Personality

Now, if you haven’t already given your business a personality, you may be wondering how this works. Don’t worry: It’s not as hard as it sounds. All it takes is a little time, a little research and a little imagination.

Start by looking at your business and the branding you currently have in place, from your logo to your website design to how you interact with customers on social media. If your current branding looks strictly professional, giving your business a whimsical personality will probably leave your customers confused.

Another great way to find the best personality for your business is by looking at the products you sell and the customers you’re trying to attract. Consider what your target customers need from your business. Do they need a knowledgeable source of reliable information? Do they need a girlfriend who can empathize with their struggles? Someone who can tell them what to do next? A source of entertainment or cheerfulness? Make your business into that person for your customers.

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to start imagining your business as a person. Write down a few adjectives you might use to describe your business’s personality. Is it empowering? Brainy? Joyful? Creative? Witty? Romantic? Keep going until you thoroughly understand your business’s character.

Transforming that Personality into Engaging Content

Now that you’ve gotten in touch with your business’s human side, it’s time to inject that personality into your content. Write like you imagine your business might speak if it were a person. For example, a knowledgeable business might speak with authority and give especially thorough information about the store’s products. An empathetic business might talk about what the customer is feeling and what led the customer to the store. A fashionable business might give recommendations about what products pair well together. A silly business might use a pun in the on-page text.

Your brand personality can also inform what kind of blog posts you write for your site. If your brand is about being well-informed, maybe it’ll direct your blog posts to be more about answering questions and becoming a resource for answers to complicated questions about your products. A fashion-forward brand might create blog posts about upcoming trends, new arrivals or tips to help customers make a style their own. Motivational businesses might use their blog to help customers live their best lives.

By giving your content a little more character, you’ll make it easier for visitors to engage with your brand and become lifelong shoppers. To learn more about turning visitors into customers, download the Field Guide to Ecommerce Conversions today!