4 Spring Shipping Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Who knew spring and shipping go so well together? Check out this post from our partner, ShipStation, to get four easy tips for improving your shipping this season.

Are you looking for easy ways to increase your spring sales?

A recent survey of online shoppers conducted by comScore and UPS shows that by changing your shipping process, businesses can help increase sales and encourage customers to buy again.


1. Provide shipping information early in the ordering process

When asked “what information or options are most important to you when going through an online checkout process,” 53% of respondents (second only to free shipping at 76%) said that providing an estimated delivery date and shipping costs early in the process was important.

Later in the study, when asked why they abandoned a shopping cart, 34% of respondents stated that shipping and handling costs were listed too late during the checkout process, and 54% said shipping costs made the total purchase cost more than expected.


2. Offer multiple shipping options

While most people value free or discounted shipping, 26% of respondents said that having “expedited shipping options so I can get my purchase faster” was an important option. When asked why they abandoned a shopping cart, 14% agreed that “I needed the product within a certain timeframe, and not enough shipping options were offered.”


3. Communicate through tracking

No matter what shipping option online shoppers choose, they want to know how long it will take before their purchases arrive. 97% of respondents said tracking services were “essential” or “nice to have.”


4. Make returns easy

Returns volumes are increasing. In 2013, 62% of customers said they had returned or exchanged an item, up from 51% in 2012. Returns were a major source of customer satisfaction or angst. Here are some additional key findings from the survey respondents:
  • 67% would shop more with an online retailer who offered a hassle-free returns policy;
  • 65% would like free returns shipping options;
  • 53% would like a return label right in the box of the original purchase; and
  • 47% would like an automatic return to a debit or credit card once their return was received by the online retailer

While some of these suggestions require changes to your online store or internal processes, many—such as return labels, tracking, and shipping options—are available through shipping software partners, and can be set up in a matter of minutes through simple automation rules. So don’t wait to increase your spring sales—get started on these changes today.