Online Ad Writing: 6 Tips that Compel Customers to BUY NOW

Learn how to write online advertising copy that converts.

One of the most powerful tools in Internet marketing is the ability to write ads that sell. Ad writing is an art that not necessarily everyone can master. While some people weave magic with their words effortlessly, there are others that find it difficult to string a single sentence together for an ad.

Most large business houses can afford to hire out their ad writing requirements to professionals, while smaller businesses often do not have that option. This does not mean you cannot write great ads that invoke a response; you just need some ad writing tips to get you going on the right track.

Here are some tried and tested ad writing tips that will help you create sales copy to positively impact your revenues.

1. Use attention-grabbing headlines

Online users display a short attention span that lasts only about 6 seconds. That’s how long your ad is scanned before moving on to the next piece of information. The best online ad writing efforts use compelling words that get the message across fast and in a way that engages the reader. Another attention grabbing technique is the use of a single exclamation point. Avoid using multiple exclamations to make a point or it will look like you’re screaming way too loud.

2. State the benefits upfront

If you are offering a discount to the customer state the exact amount or percentage right away. Don’t make the user guess. Instead of saying, “Great discounts! Save lots of money!” try using, “50% discount. Save up to $125!” If you are providing a solution to a particular problem say so upfront. Instead of saying, “Are you worried about premature hair loss?” try saying, “Prevent hair loss today!”

3. Use testimonials whenever possible

The power of word of mouth is surprising in its effectiveness. Hearing another customer testify that he or she is extremely satisfied with the product provides just the right impetus to get customers to make a purchase. However, a published testimonial alone may not be enough. Customers are wary of the genuineness of testimonials when there's nothing to back them up. You should look to either add the photograph of the person testifying, or better yet, an audio-video clip! Hearing and seeing another person testifying about the great quality of your product, is like stamping it with a seal of approval.

4. Build credibility

Indicate to the customer that you are a well-established organization and not a fly-by-night operator. State the origins of the company as well as the number of years you have been in business. Also weave in any awards, recognitions or certifications that the company has received.

5. Appeal to the customer emotionally

Your ad writing prowess is very dependent on how emotionally involved you can make your customer. Arousing emotions within a customer via copy is a great way to spur him or her to buy. Money, beauty and fitness, health, fame and love can all trigger emotional responses. Think about the product you sell and the feelings you can evoke in the customer with that product. For example, let's say you sell fishing lures. Instead of selling the lure, sell the fishing experience, the bonding of a father and son while on a fishing trip, and so on.

6. Use call to action statements

Once you have made your sales pitch the final step in the process is to get the user to take action. Call to action statements (such as act NOW or buy TODAY) are a cornerstone of all ad writing efforts. Just giving the user information is not good enough. You must create urgency within the user to buy the product immediately, to get up and go to the shop, to pick up the phone and call, to click the button and order now!


Ad writing is an art that does follow some guidelines, while still allowing room for your own creativity. Use the tips above to create great ad copy that will compel customers to want to buy your product, NOW!

Happy selling!
Stacie Leonard, Volusion


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