Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Google Analytics Dashboards

In preparation for our upcoming Google Analytics webinar, one of our Marketing Specialists will guide you through setting up your own personalized Analytics dashboard.


“Starting a campaign without having access to analytics is marketing suicide.” – Richard Stokes

Enough said: if you aren’t using Google Analytics for your online store, you should be.

Analytics is an extremely useful tool imperative to any online store, no matter what the industry is. You can learn vital metrics about your website and customers with this free tool that you would have a very difficult time finding otherwise.  Later this month, Volusion marketing consultants will walk storeowners through analyzing and digging into Google Analytics data in our "Welcome to the Metrics" webinar, but beforehand we wanted to provide some quick and free tools you can use right now to understand your store better.

Below, we’ll show you how to set up your own custom starter dashboard and then give you three free Volusion-created dashboards.  While the dashboards may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll love how they eliminate the work of data mining through huge Excel files and because they provide information right in front of you, all in one place.

But first, what is a Google Analytics dashboard?

Google Analytics Dashboard 1-2

A dashboard is a visual overview of your data using various widgets.  Each dashboard can have up to 12 widgets (or data points), which gives you the ability to monitor metrics in one place giving you the power to know the status of your business at first glance.  Not only that, but you can customize which widgets show and those that don’t. This is incredibly powerful.

How to create your own Google Analytics dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard 2

Once you have logged into your Analytics account, click on the left-hand navigation link called “Dashboards”. This will give you the options: "Private" and "New Dashboard." Select new dashboard and you can start customizing!

If you select “New Dashboard” a box will appear giving you the options to start with a blank canvas or a starter dashboard. We recommend the starter dashboard because it already has valuable widgets installed and you have the option to customize from there.

Google Analytics Dashboard 3

The Starter Dashboard default widgets include:

How to customize your widgets

Google Analytics Dashboard 4

Now that you have a good starting point, you may want to add some custom widgets to your dashboard. In order to accomplish this click the “+ Add Widget” button at the top left of your starter dashboard navigation. This will open up a popup allowing you to name the widget, pick how the information will be displayed and add a metric from Google Analytics. Your widget it will immediately appear in your dashboard once you save it.

Additional widgets we recommend:

Widgets specifically helpful for those who are running paid advertising like PPC or Shopping Feeds:

Volusion’s Marketing Services team has created custom dashboards we find valuable when analyzing SEO and paid search accounts below. You can use these as-is or customize them to fit your needs.

  1. General ecommerce analytics dashboard
  2. General organic traffic dashboard
  3. General paid search traffic dashboard

Using them is quite simple. Log into your Google Analytics account, copy the report URL you want to add to your profile and paste that into your browser. This screenshot will popup:

Google Analytics Dashboard 5

Scroll to your website, click the “Create” button and voila! It will appear in your profile. To find our custom dashboard simply select it in the left hand navigation from Dashboards > Private > (The name of the dashboard).

To learn even more valuable insights into the world of Google Analytics, please join us later this month in our “Welcome to the Metrics: Using Analytics to Grow Your Business” webinar. You will learn how to find growth opportunities and blind spots – from marketing to design, merchandizing, user experience, shipping costs, and more – by learning how to analyze, read metrics and more! Seats are limited, so be sure to register now.

-Natalie Stambro, Marketing Consultant

Natalie Stambro

Natalie Stambro is Volusion’s Marketing Analyst, Team Lead where she has expertise in marketing strategies and helps expands store owner’s online presence. Utilizing her BFA from Texas State University and her eight years of professional ecommerce marketing experience she can work with customers in any industry to reach their goals. When Natalie isn't consulting marketing strategies you can find her working on her home, listening to vinyl, attending concerts, or exploring the hill country on the back of her husband's motorcycle.