Nalgene Product Descriptions

Today’s Volusion blog post discusses effective ways to create product descriptions with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Keep reading to learn how to best incorporate meta-tag keywords seamlessly into product descriptions for your online store.


For those unaware, “copy” or more specifically “web copy” is the text you write for a given item. Sadly, sticking with the MFG’s description (like other retailers selling the same item) won’t improve your SEO and can, in fact, cause that page to lose its “SEO juice.” To give an example of natural speech, keyword-rich web copy, I chose an item called the "AA wall sconce."

When writing product copy for your own store, the first thing you’ll want to do is to set up your meta tag keywords. In SEO, these keywords work with and help to improve the SEO value of the copy. For stores with thousands of products, this is obviously something you might want to consider outsourcing or paying a local college student to do for you.

Now, let’s get started on the copy!


For this example, I'm assuming that the meta-tag keywords for this product are:
• Lighting
• Lamp
• Fixture
• Sconce
• Halogen


When writing our copy, we want to make it flow as naturally as possible, yet include each keyword as many times as possible. This can be a very difficult thing to do and the MFG’s description is rarely, if ever, SEO optimized.

To do this, I follow these simple steps:

1. Identify keywords
2. Write 1st draft
3. Proof-read your copy
4. Add keywords where appropriate and keep a tally of how often they’ve been used.
5. Make “natural speech” changes.
6. Make sure your “important” keywords are mentioned most frequently.


Here’s an example of what I mean.

More attractive than the diffuser on a standard floor lamp and far more affordable than a crystal chandelier, the AA wall sconce fixture, as part of your home lighting solution, is a beautiful way to add both accent lighting and illumination to any room in your home.

Featuring a layered and blown glass diffuser and a brushed steel finish, this wall sconce is one of the Lighting Guru's most beautiful and affordable lighting fixtures. Using halogen lamps (not included) this lighting fixture is certain to fill your home with a bright and illuminating light.

Use multiple lighting fixtures to create a home lighting solution that is beautiful, functional and unique!

This fixture comes in two size options with the larger size requiring two halogen lamps. When ordering, make sure you order the correct number of lamps for your sconce so that you'll have everything you need!

Here's the keyword count:

• Lighting - 4
• Lamp - 4
• Fixture - 4
• Sconce - 3
• Halogen - 2


This copy flows naturally and reads professionally. It includes the above keywords multiple times with the most important keywords appearing the most frequently. You’ll need to be careful not to over-do it on the keywords though since adding too many in one piece of copy can end up being detrimental to your SEO efforts.


It’s also worth noting that despite the lack of meta-tag keywords, this product could also organically rank for other phrases such as:
• Diffuser
• Affordable
• Lighting fixture
• Illumination
• Beautiful
• Home Lighting Solution
• Halogen lamps
• Lighting fixtures


Following the steps outlined above, you should start to realize an SEO benefit from having keyword-rich and internet-unique copy on your product descriptions!


-Ryan Connelly, Community Evangelist