The High Cost of Selling on eBay


I like to think of myself as a technology-savvy Millenial. I have the Twitter and the Facebook and the Instagram and pretty much any other social media account you need to be a functioning member of today's society. (I kid. Kind of.) But there's one corner of the Internet I have yet to master: eBay.

Sure, I've sold things on the auction site, but that doesn't mean I've enjoyed the process. Every time I go to list an item, it feels like there are a million loopholes. How can I better customize my listing? How the heck do I talk to a real person in customer support? How much exactly does it cost to sell on eBay?  It's a massive headache; in fact, two years ago I tried to start up a vintage clothing business on eBay, but took my shop to other avenues because the process was so complicated...and unexpectedly pricey.

The financial aspect of selling on eBay was particularly worrisome to me. Hidden fees seemed to pop out of the woodwork, and I often wondered if the money I lost was worth the effort of listing an item. eBay, of course, has no straight answers about their fees. On the Selling Fees page, they simply state that seller fees are "the basic cost of selling an item is the insertion fee plus the final value fee, plus fees for any optional features and services you may use." Yeah, that's not particularly helpful.

If only I had known about Volusion two years ago. With their eBay integration, I could have sold on my own storefront and on eBay, minus the pesky fees. In fact, Volusion has no transaction or listing fees, ever. So even when you use Volusion to sell on eBay, you keep 100% of the profits. Pretty nifty (and thrifty), huh?

Volusion also lets you sell on other sites like Amazon and Etsy, all without leaving the comfort of your dashboard. Here are some other reasons why selling with Volusion is pretty great:

Want to understand how Volusion saves you money? Let this video show you how Volusion lets Premium, Gold and Platinum members create fixed-price listings for eBay products. It covers granting eBay access to your store, creating a listing, managing your listings and more:

See? Integrating eBay with your Volusion dashboard is simple and affordable, whether you're a business owner affected by the eBay Enterprise shutdown or just opening a new online store. Learn more about how to sell on eBay with Volusion. Enjoy the best of both worlds with our all-in-one ecommerce platform, and leave the eBay hassles behind. Have a mid-market business? We've got that covered too. For a multi-tenant SaaS solution, check out Mozu’s enterprise ecommerce solution.

Andrea Kinnison

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