This Halloween, be sure to keep an eye out for poor marketing copy, confusing customer experience and other conversion killers lurking in the dark. Don't run upstairs--download our latest marketing checklist to find out how to escape.

Conversion Killers Hero ImageThe sales funnel does not end at your when your visitors arrive at your site, and there are a lot of ways to lose your customers between the landing page and the checkout page. Poorly planned on-page content, desperate messaging and an overall disappointing customer experience all act as conversion killers, robbing life from your traffic.

To help you get away from these conversion killers, our marketing specialists have identified some of worst offenders and the quickest path to safety. Learn how to find better value statements than vague promises of "Fast Shipping," how to improve conversions with a custom 404 page, how ALL CAPS frightens away customers and how navigation can save your sale.

Download the conversion killers checklist now to find out where these fiends are lurking and how to escape them, and for more tips on optimizing your conversion rate, don't forget to download our free Ultimate Field Guide to Ecommerce Conversions.