Better Together: The Best Font Pairings for Ecommerce

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seems that love is everywhere, even when it comes to the typography of your online store! It should come as no surprise that some fonts simply work better together in helping solidify your brand and build upon its identity.

But with all the free font resources available, how do you know which fonts will pair well together, creating an effective design for your site?

To help get the font matchmaking started, check out these font-pairing suggestions with our favorite program: Google Fonts, to help you choose the best free fonts for your business.


Bebas Neue Bold and PT Serif Regular

Combing a sans serif and serif font is the most classic and popular pairing option. In this instance, we used a bold weight in the sans serif font, Bebas Neue, to contrast with the lighter weight serif font, PT Serif Regular. These fonts would work great on a fashion store, but can be used on stores across many industries due to their versatility. 2

Josefin Sans Light and Crimson Text

For something calming and sophisticated, try pairing Josefin Sans Light with Crimson text. The thin letterforms in Josefin Sans create an airy feel, and the serif font, Crimson Text, works alongside to add a classic touch. This duo would work great on stores selling jewelry or even skincare. 3

Roboto Condensed Bold and Cabin Regular

If you’re looking for a clean and sleek design, using 2 sans serif fonts is often the best way to go. To create a clearer hierarchy, we suggest creating contrast using weight. In this example, Roboto Condensed Bold is a heavy font that balances out Cabin Regular. 4

Short Stack and Podkova Regular

If you’re looking to create a fun and playful look, try pairing Short Stack and Podkova Regular. These fonts work together to create a lighthearted mood that would work well on stores selling children’s clothes or toys. 5

Titillium Bold and Titillium Regular

Sometimes using the same font in different weights can give your store a much-needed personality boost. In this example we’ve paired Titillium Bold with Titillium Regular. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to use contrasting weights to create a hierarchy. Titillium’s blocky letters give off a strong, masculine feel. This font pair would work great on store selling automotive or industrial parts.

Now that you have a good starting point of font pairings, try out a few new options on your online store. Size, weight and classification are all important attributes to keep in mind when combining different fonts. And always remember that fonts should compliment your logo to evoke the desired mood and feeling of your brand.

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What are your favorite font pairings? Tell us in the comments below!