How Does Your Logo Stack Up? Assess Your Online Store's Logo

Your logo says a lot about your business; its demeanor, timeliness, credibility, and more. While you may have created a logo that was perfect for your business when it started out, time has a funny way of turning “perfect” into “dated.”

But how do you know when it’s time to invest in updating your business’s logo design? Make sure to ask the following questions when assessing your business’s logo to ascertain how it stacks up right now and determine if it’s time for a branding update.

Does your logo have an attractive, professional appearance?

You want your logo to speak highly of your business, and instill a feeling of trust and credibility to your customers. If it has degraded over time and is difficult to read, looks like it was hand-drawn and scanned, or simply appears to have been designed according to design trends of the 80s or 90s, it’s time to consider an upgrade to modernize your business.

Is your logo a simple, memorable shape?

Simple shapes are pleasant and easier to remember. The main goal of your logo is to stick in the viewer’s mind, so it should be clean and elegant. If its design is over-complicated or it looks similar to the logos of other businesses in your field, think about whether it’s time to give yours a facelift that helps it stand out from the crowd.

Is your logo a versatile and scalable image that is appropriate for both print and digital media?

As you know, your logo does not exist solely on your website. To maximize your logo’s effectiveness, it is imperative to be able to use it in different sizes across different media. Consider how it will look on a business card, a T-shirt or jacket, or on a billboard. If your logo files become pixelated quickly when you scale up, you’ll need to create a vector version.

Does your logo have a color scheme that matches your brand personality?

Color choice can seem unimportant, but there are many subtle and intangible ways to craft your brand message through effective utilization of color. Color psychology is even its own field of expertise with considerable research behind it. Make sure the colors you’ve chosen will send the right message to your customers about the values your brand represents.

Is your logo employing an aesthetic that is attractive both in black and white and in color?

Color is highly important, but be prepared for your logo to be seen in greyscale. If your message is lost or unreadable once the color is gone, you have a problem. Make sure that you either use a color scheme with a lot of contrast so that it translates well to grayscale OR that you have a separate black and white version you can use when needed.

Is your logo a timeless design that does not depend on modern fads?

Chances are you want your company to be profitable and sustainable for years to come. Plan on sticking with your logo design for a long time as well, as making too many changes will negatively impact your brand recognition and confuse your customers. Instead of relying on a fad, look for something with more staying power.

Final Thoughts

As time changes, so to do the trends that dictate whether a logo’s design has passed its prime or is still compelling. If your business logo does not meet all of the following criteria, it’s time to consider creating a new logo for your business that will portray it in its best light in the years to come.