5 Ways to Keep Your Desk Tidy

Today is National Clean Your Desk Day, and to celebrate we decided to give you some desk organization tips and take a look at some of the most fun desks at Volusion.

1. Tackle Papers First

Papers not only take over most of the real estate on your desk: they're also the easiest to clean up. Grab some file folders and start organizing, placing any loose papers in a designated spot and recycling anything left over. Still have somg stragglers? Create a "Miscellaneous" folder to hold them all.

2. Hold On to the Things You Like, Toss the Ones You Don't

You probably want to keep that photo of your family around on your desk, but do you really need that mini "Happy Birthday" balloon that came with the box of cookies your coworkers got you six months ago? It's easy for clutter to become visual background noise: take a look at your desk with fresh eyes and see what tchotchkes you can live without.

3. Take it All Off

Another way to get an idea of what's really on your desk is to physically remove every single object from on top and in your desk. Getting a look at every item you have hanging around will give you a better idea of what's hiding in the dark corners of your drawers. And who knows: maybe you'll find some hidden treasure that you forgot even existed!

4. Slim Down on Supplies

You probably don't need fifty million paper clips, five colors of sticky notes or three different kinds of permanent markers at your desk. Take a look at what supplies you have and get rid of anything you don't use on a regular basis. If you find yourself in need of something, that's what the supply closet is for! Keep your desk simple by paring things down to just the necessities.

5. Cut Down on Cables

Now is also a great time to assess what cables you have running rampant around your desk. Is there a lamp that doesn't even work, or an ethernet cord leading to nowhere? Even removing one cable can clear up a lot of space (and greatly reduce the risk of tripping). Need all the cords that you have in your area? Take five minutes to get them arranged.

Hopefully we gave you some good advice for keeping a clean desk, but what about a fun one? Here are some Volusioneers to get you inspired:

Whether it's Wonder Woman, cute kitties, weird tiny hands or Cthulu, Volusioneers know how to add some excellent flare to their spaces.





Funko toys are everywhere in the office, which make everything just a little more adorable and fun.






Other Volusioneers keep it groovy with lava lamps:



And you can't go wrong with a fantasy twist like unicorns or Zelda:



In the end, however, sometimes all you need is a snazzy New Kids on the Block poster:


While having a clean desk is important, it's just as important to make a space your own so that you enjoy being at it every day!

Which of these desks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!