5 Best Practices for User Testing Your Website

It’s no secret that a lot of online business owners design their site on what they think is best—since we know our products and customers better than anyone else, we know what’s best, right?

Not necessarily.

To help make your site the most effective, navigable, and prepped to convert, it’s helpful to know how users actually interact with your website. The practice of doing so is known as user testing, which involves bringing new visitors, or testers, into an environment where they tackle specific tasks in relation to your site.

The idea here is to learn how people are truly working with your site so that you can find issues, make improvements, and see how they affect your overall conversions. While this seems like an easy task, there are some important elements to keep in mind before getting started—pay close attention, because today I’ve got five major things to keep in mind before leveraging any effective user test.