Get Organized With These 7 Time Management Apps

Being an adult is synonymous with being organized, productive, and having the time management skills to flawlessly balance work, family, and a social life without breaking sweat. Alright well, we all know all too well that’s just plain bologna. While being a robot is probably off in the distant future, there’s no reason you can’t use a little bit of tech to improve your overall time management. Hey, the more organized you are, the more time you’ll have more time to do all those important things you have to keep putting off. And here's some more great news – you can give all of these apps a try for free!

Read on to learn about seven of the best time management apps you can download today!

Remember the Milk

The creators of this app dubbed it “the smart to-do app for busy people.” Consider this the ultimate task list app. You’re able to create tasks, subtasks and prioritize by importance. The best part is the push notifications. How many times have you been to a place say like the grocery store and completely forgotten why you were there in the first place? Remember the Milk offers seamless syncing between all your devices, and you’re even able to share your task list with others so you can all be on the same page on a project.


It’s not ideal to carry around sticky reminder notes everywhere you go. With Evernote, you don’t have to. Keep all of your ideas, feedback, timelines, and more stored neatly in this app. This is especially helpful if you’re designing a new product, tackling a new advertising campaign, or even thinking of a new business venture. Store photos, documents, and presentations on one single project. No more digging around your bag for scribbled notes. Simply save a new note and it’s accessible across all your devices.


If you find yourself working all day and not getting much done, consider tracking your online habits with RescueTime. This app runs in the background of your computer and mobile devices and actually tracks how much time you’re spending on certain applications and websites. It generates a daily report based on your activity, giving you an accurate picture of how exactly you spend your day. Discover what’s distracting you and slash it from your daily routine with the app’s blocking capabilities. Measuring your time is a great way to learn how to maximize it.


If you’re more of a visual learner, this is the app for you. Its simple interface allows you to create a drag-and-drop board of tasks, and organize them by importance. Whether you’re starting your own business or are a product or project manager, it’s easy to manage a whole team and their workflow with this app. Other neat features include a notes section, color tags, and email notification updates. It even works in your browser!


Spending way too much time in traffic? You might want to give this app a try. This app will actually recalculate your alarm to ring according to live traffic conditions ensuring you won’t ever be late again. We can see this being especially useful if you travel a lot for work. All you have to is pick up the appointment you don’t want to miss and a destination. The app will do the rest and automatically update your alarms. Even though it initially might seem like you might be losing sleep, the up-to-date data will save you stress and worry.


FreshBooks is a cloud-based invoicing and accounting program designed for small business owners. It allows you to keep track of billable hours with its embedded time tracker. This works great for freelancers. It also gives you the ability to create detailed and professional invoices, expense reports and even initial services quotes. Clients are even able to pay for their invoice through the app. Save significant admin hours and your sanity with this easy-to-integrate app.

Universal Password Manager

One of the most frustrating things is being stumped by a “Forgot Your Password?” question. It’s virtually impossible to keep track of all of the passwords you have. Being taken through the seemingly endless loop of answering forgotten security questions and email password resets is a big time suck. Avoid all that by getting this app. It’s simple, runs across multiple platforms and runs on an encrypted database. Store usernames and passwords in one safe place. You’re even able to generate different (but remembered) passwords when you don’t feel safe logging into a public computer or network.

Do you have a favorite time management app or productivity tip? Let us know in the comments below!