6 Tricks to Earn More with a Halloween Sale

Many ecommerce businesses see sharp upticks in sales during Q4. It’s the time of year consumer spending rises from the dead after summer slumps. But if you’re waiting until Black Friday to join the frenzy, you’re missing out on a scary good opportunity. Halloween is an oft-overlooked shopping holiday that can help you kill your sales goals.

Check out these bone-chilling figures. Last year alone the NRF (National Retail Federation) reported over $9 billion in Halloween product sales. Thanks to high consumer confidence, 2018 is predicted to be the second highest grossing year in since 2005. Unsurprisingly, the biggest expenditures include costumes for the whole family (including pets!), decorations and candy.

Still, no need to get spooked if you aren’t currently selling anything all hallows eve specific. There are plenty of tricks to help you collect your candy and eat it, too.

Here are six of them.

Halloween Marketing Tips

Holiday selling season will soon be in full tilt. However, buyer mentalities start to shift as the weather does. With online shoppers increasing in numbers, now’s the time to kick off buying mode by creating plenty of opportunities to purchase your products.

Knock them dead by:

  1. Uploading some spellbinding snaps to your online store. Free fall graphics to the front! Whether you’re having a fall sale, want to welcome autumn or simply looking to give your store your a spooky slant, the fresh specter will have customers howling.
  2. Slaying your site’s SEO. Take a look at your store’s dashboard and you’ll see a variety of fields designed to prioritize relevant info including all pages, categories and products. These below ground guideposts help as Google indexes and ranks your site. The more carefully they’re filled out, the higher your SERP ranking will be. They don’t have to be completed all at once; however, we do recommend carving up your category information as soon as possible. Doing so will help your store burn bright come Halloween night.
  3. Haunting their inbox. Email marketing is eerily effective. Even if it seems scary, there are countless reasons to include it as part of your marketing monster mash. If persuading customers to purchase is your ultimate goal, a personal email could just put the nail in the coffin.
  4. Running some bloody good paid ads. PPC ads are a devilishly clever way to help potential customers get caught in your web while they’re searching on it. Google offers a number of paid ad options, which toil unattended well into the witching hours. This holiday head start is sure to rustle up plenty of leads for the long game.
  5. Giving your social a startle. Say hello to Halloween and sayonara to summer on social with some fall-inspired fodder. It’s a ghoulish way to get your followers in the buying spirit. Prioritize products that evoke all things cozy to get them excited about pumpkin spice everything!
  6. Creating a potent promotion. Running an effective promotion requires so much more than a promo code. It takes a potion of planning, goal setting, targeting, preparation and monitoring. Get the right mix bubbling and boiling and you’re far more likely to reach your year end sales goals by creating ample excitement around your brand and building relationships with your customers that will last until death parts you.

Done right, this dark horse holiday can make sure you harvest some truly hair-raising profits before the end of the year. Whether you’re looking to bury the competition or revive your revenue, these Halloween ecommerce marketing tactics will help you rest in peace.

May your sales cauldron bubble over!

Have any questions about hosting a spooky sale? Ask them in the comments!