4 TED Talk Inspirational Videos for Entrepreneurs

Learn valuable lessons from successful business founders as we share TED Talks from a lifelong entrepreneur, the founder of Fark.com, the co-founder of Reddit and a 13-year-old Renaissance woman.

TED Talks have always been at the forefront of technology, business leadership and public interest. We've collected a few of our favorites to help our merchants avoid common ecommerce pitfalls, navigate social media and find inspiration.

1. Drew Curtis: How I beat a patent troll

Inspirational Video 1

Fark.com’s founder shares his winning battle against a patent troll. Patent trolls make unjustified licensing claims on common pieces of technology that they do not actually make use of themselves. In Drew’s case, his accuser claimed to own intellect rights for the concept of emailing press releases. Patent trolls tend to target both large companies and small-to-medium businesses in hopes of pressuring them into a settlement. If you find yourself in such a situation, Drew has some great advice for you.

Favorite moment: 6:05 into the video, when Drew unveils his own troll patent.


2. Cameron Herold: Let’s raise our kids to be entrepreneurs

Inspirational Video 2

Cameron Herold tells the story of how a failing student became a successful entrepreneur, in part thanks to the inspiration of his parents. From selling coat hangers to speaking professionally, Cameron reveals how the entrepreneur spirit stuck with him through the years. If you are business owner who wants to raise future business owners, Cameron’s advice will help you do just that.

Favorite moment: 5:00 into the video, Cameron hired his first accountant . . . to do his accounting homework.


3. Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

Inspirational Video 3

Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian shares the story of how social media helped save humpback whales all thanks to “Mister Splashy Pants.” The whole tale is touching and humorous, but the takeaway for the entrepreneur is an important: social media success often means letting go of a little creative control and letting your audience take the wheel.

Favorite moment: 2:08 into the video, when Mister Splashy Pants gets a gritty makeover.


4. Maya Penn: Meet a young entrepreneur, cartoonist, designer, activist . . .

Inspirational Video 4

A 13-year-old polymath shares her creative energy as an entrepreneur, artist and philanthropist. Despite being one of the youngest speakers that TED Talks has hosted, she is easily one of the most inspirational.

Favorite moment: 3:34 into the video, when Maya recalls how she started her first business and first non-profit at the age of 8.

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