VOLT Overview

VOLT is Volusion’s new flexible, scalable ecommerce platform built on a framework we call Element. VOLT solves the limitations of modern online stores by offering the fastest sites available built for the mobile-first index, improving organic search rankings, and increasing conversions.

VOLT at a Glance

VOLT’s site designer uses a flexible, block-based system to add functionality, apps, and integrations to your pages.

  • Quickly build a great-looking website with prebuilt themes and blocks.
  • Incorporate blocks for product review displays, integrated blogs, announcement bars, and more into your site.
  • Select ready-to-use blocks from our library or create your own from scratch. Easily reuse blocks across multiple pages or domains for consistency.
  • Change colors and fonts, rearrange page layouts, update footer links, and more—all across an entire domain or just one block.
  • Bring any third-party API into the native experience for maximum integration potential.

Element at a Glance

Element is the robust technology that powers VOLT. Notable benefits include:

  • Use Familiar Tools: start programming immediately using JavaScript with React and a site previewer for less ramp-up and sandboxing time.
  • No More Code Conflicts: avoid plugin soup using self-contained and modular blocks with block version control.
  • Server-Side Rendering: pages are pre-rendered using high-bandwidth servers, minimizing time to interactive and eliminating broken elements.
  • Automated Image Optimization: all uploaded images are intelligently compressed and served in next-gen formats using Cloudinary.
  • Built on the Cloud: easily scale and enjoy the benefits of Google Cloud Platform, including 99.99% uptime and pre-fetched content.
  • Everything on a Single Domain: host your blog, reviews, FAQs, and more on one single domain to boost your performance in organic search results.
VOLT walkthrough

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