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A complete launch plan for your new online store.

Owning your business takes a lot of hard work, but you've made the right choice by getting started with Volusion. Here's a launch plan that outlines the steps for taking your store live.

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quick start guide

Where to Login

Logging into your account is the first step toward your first sale.
If you need to reset your password, click here.


Account settings

Owning your business takes a lot of hard work, but you've made the right choice by getting started with Volusion. Here's a launch plan that outlines the steps for taking your store live.

After you log in, the "My Profile" section can be found at the bottom of your screen, in the menu on the left.

account settings

Catch shoppers’ eyes

Video guide: Adding a theme

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great theme is worth a thousand sales. If your site is pretty, polished and professional-looking, it will invite customers to stop and shop awhile. We have loads of themes to choose from, and they've all been designed by commerce experts who know how to help your products shine online.

Choose a theme that best fits your brand and edit it to your liking, or let our team customize it for you.


Add your logo to showcase your brand

Video guide: Adding your logo

Your logo is your store’s identity. It helps your site look official and lets shoppers know they’ve come to the right place. So upload yours in the Store Editor section of your admin.

Don’t have a logo yet? Check out our 5 tips for creating a great one and give it a go, or let our design pros create one for you.


Style your site

Now that you have uploaded your logo use the Store Editor to further customize your theme. In this section you can change the colors, typefaces and switch to a different store theme. Making these adjustments is a great way to make your store match the look and personaility of your business.

style your site

Adding your products

Video guide: Adding products

Your store isn’t very shoppable if it’s empty. So start stocking your digital shelves with goods. Upload one product at a time or upload them in bulk to save time.

Still not sure what to sell or where to source your inventory? Borrow some ideas from our blog.


Product Photos:

In many cases the first impression your shoppers get of your business is what is shown in the product photos. You can add multiple photos for each listing, videos, options to customize and spec documents.

Need photos? Learn how to take high-quality product photos with your smartphone.


Writing a product description:

Once your Product image, price and weight are all setup, make sure to write a description so that your users know exactly what they are looking at. Get some tips from the experts on how to write a great product description. If you’re looking for some killer examples of product descriptions to spark some ideas check out some Volusion Merchants’ product descriptions.


Explore your shipping options

Video guide: Shipping & fulfillment

If you aren’t dropshipping products, you’ll need to choose another way to deliver items to customers’ doorsteps. Luckily, there are several shipping methods that easily integrate with your Volusion store.

Adding different options enable your customers to choose what’s best for them, based on how quickly they want their items and how much they’re willing to spend to get them.

From flat rates to live rates, check out the different delivery methods and then add them to your store.

Shipping & fulfillment Explore shipping options

Connect to secure payment gateways

Running your own online store feels extra rewarding when the cash comes in. But before that can happen, you’ll need to connect to a payment gateway. This ecommerce service provider authorizes the secure and reliable transfer of funds from buyer to seller — you!

Payment gateways

Volusion offers multiple options for accepting payment including PayPal and Stripe that allow you to accept all major creditcards. And we even have a platform of our own — Volusion Payments — that has a low processing fee. You also have the option of having more than one payment method active on your store so your customers can choose at checkout.


Sell the social way

Video guide: Connect social accounts

You may have your own Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook accounts. But does your business? If not, it should! Social is a great channel to advertise everything from new products to promotions.

Beyond helping you sell, a social media presence also builds trust between your brand and its customers, and enables you to engage them in direct dialogue. Those who become your biggest fans are likely to tell the digital world how much they love your store, driving more business your way.

Click on the button below to sync up your social accounts to your Volusion store. Or, if you prefer it, our team of social media experts can manage your accounts for you.


Direct shoppers to your store

Video guide: Search engine optimization

Your store is set up and now it’s time to attract cartloads of customers. A great place to start is through search engines like Google.

SEO — Search Engine Optimization — uses different tactics so that your site shows up in the results when someone searches online for what you sell. It’s a great way you can capture in-market shoppers, but takes time and know-how to execute well. One place to start in your store is adding detailed product descriptions and meta data (the title and description search engines display) for each of your product listings.

Below are some great SEO articles & references that you can read to help come up with an SEO plan for your site.

Want some help with your SEO strategy? Reach out to our team of marketing mavens who can create a thoughtful SEO strategy for you.


Add a custom domain name

Video guide: Customize your domain name

A domain name is what customers enter in their web address bar to arrive at your site. It's associated with a series of numbers called an IP address. Having an IP address that's unique to your store is important for three reasons:

First, credibility. Without it, customers may get the idea that you’re not fully committed to commerce.

Second, branding. Your domain name is part of your online identity and helps you stand out from the crowd.

And third, SEO. With the right keywords in your domain name, would-be customers can find your store more easily.

So think of a name that captures the essence of your store, is easy to remember and spell and that’s not already in use. Then visit Hover.com to search for avaialbe names and buy it up before someone else does.


The count down

You’re this close to flipping the switch and launching your business. But first, make sure you have all the tools you need to run the day-to-day operations.

Check out our free business tools to generate store policies, calculate your profits, browse store graphics and more.


Launch your online store

Video guide: Launching your store

You’ve taken all the right steps to prepare your store for its grand opening. Now there’s nothing left to do but to go live and wait for the sales to come in.

Update your store status to “live”, and then welcome your customers!


Get extra guidance

Video guide: How to get help

Waiting for your first sale can keep you on pins and needles. Just remember: it only takes one interested customer to make that sale, and they are out there. In the meantime, feel free to contact our Customer Experience Team through your admin to make sure you’re set up for success. Hey, if your store doesn’t sleep, neither do we.

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