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  • Fully Customizable - accessiBe is fully and easily customizable. In less than a minute you can completely adapt our interface to your templates. Choose colors, sizes, icons, positioning, and much more!
  • Image Recognition Technology - accessiBe automatically scans all the images and background images process them using an AI image recognition technology and provide them with alternative texts (ALT tags).
  • Contextual Understanding Technology - The AI scans websites and understands their element structures, button functionalities, and object hierarchies, thus determining their level of significance based on the context in order to make the site accessible.
  • Machine Learning Technology - accessiBe processes each website it's installed on and learns from it in order to improve continuously. The more sites it is installed on, the more accurate it becomes.


accessiBe is the premier AI-automated solution for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) website compliance. It simplifies the way companies and site owners can make their content accessible to users with disabilities by using AI to automatically apply accessibility standards to their websites.