Volusion Security Information

The goal of this page is to help keep Volusion merchants informed of security news and updates related to their online store. Alerts will be posted here if any new security updates be available, along with resources on how to protect your online business.


Volusion has been working with VISA on a common point of purchase analysis that arose earlier this year. The report identified the possibility of suspicious activity among an extremely small number of merchants, believed to be non-US based. We immediately responded to this alert from VISA, and performed a full internal investigation of our systems. We discussed our results of the investigation with VISA, and determined there was no breach.

At this time, there are no current suspected issues, but we are working closely with VISA to obtain more information about this case. Since responding to VISA’s report, we have passed our annual PCI audit and remain PCI Certified. Protecting our customers’ information is our #1 priority, and we exceed industry standards through rigorous implementation of hardware, hosting facilities and on-site assessments.

Volusion has recently gotten reports from customers about someone identifying themselves as “John with the Volusion Sales Department” calling and trying to sell SEO services. The call comes from a 623 area code. We are not affiliated with “John” in any way and we have not provided him with any of your confidential information. This is a scam, please do not give this person any information. If he threatens you, like he has other customers, please contact your local authorities and/or the Phoenix police department immediately.

Volusion has received reports that potential hackers are contacting customers via Live Chat, claiming that someone has paid them to launch an attack on the customer’s site in order to take it offline, then requesting payment in exchange for not attacking the site. If this type of threat happens to you, do not provide payment to the hacker – instead, close the chat session.

Scams and cons

Volusion respects our customers and their privacy rights. We NEVER give your name or phone number to third parties. However, there are numerous ways that we can't control that allow devious third parties to obtain your contact information and know your affiliation with Volusion. One such way is monitoring a publically available DNS list. This list compiles publically available WhoIs information that's required to be accurately maintained by all registrars and identifies the servers to which each new or updated domain is pointing to. Some unscrupulous companies are using this data to target Volusion customers with misrepresentations, frauds and scams. If you're contacted by a third party representing themselves to be affiliated with Volusion, beware! From time to time, we'll update this page to keep you informed of the misrepresentations and scams we're aware of – but keep in mind there may be others that we haven't heard about yet. Don't trust anyone who calls you saying they're from Volusion, but providing a different call back number, or anyone who says that they're a "partner" or "working with" Volusion to provide you education or services.

4-Tell Software

After signing up with Volusion, you may receive an email from 4-Tell Software. They represent that they're "working with" Volusion and help boost your sales by providing "automated personalized product recommendations". Volusion has never had a relationship with 4-Tell Software and does not endorse or encourage use of their software.

PCI Security Resources

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