V13 Release Notes

August 29, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

PayPal Express Checkout: In-Context Checkout

Shoppers who pay with PayPal Express Checkout will now have an in-context checkout experience in a dialog box on the merchant’s site rather than going to PayPal’s site for the payment step.

August 4, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Facebook API Update

We have updated our Facebook API to preserve current functionality available on the storefront, in the Admin Area on product and category edit pages, and at Marketing > Social.

PNG Product Image Resolution

The image uploader on product edit pages now accepts files with the .png extension.

June 16, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

New eBay Listing Requirements

eBay listing pages in the Admin Area now contain the following fields:

  • UPC
  • EAN
  • ISBN

eBay now requires this data for some categories. If a product has no applicable data, enter "Does Not Apply" in the UPC field. If a listing has data in more than one of these fields, eBay’s prioritization sequence for the listing is ISBN, EAN, UPC. This change affects only listings created after the release, not listings that predate it.

Shipping Method Advanced Settings Resolution

The Save bar of individual shipping methods sometimes covers the Advanced Settings section, making it difficult to access when collapsed. This issue has been resolved.

May 26, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Inaccessible Order History Resolution

Previously, customer accounts were unable to view order details at My Account > Review orders / track packages for orders more than three years old. This issue has been resolved.

April 28, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

PayPal Express Update

Shoppers who choose PayPal Express as a payment method can now edit the Email Address value on the checkout page.

Google Analytics Code Added to Mobile Checkout Page

We added Google Analytics code to the checkout page for stores that use the Mobile Commerce feature with a legacy template.

Shopping Cart Page Shipping Method Selection Issue Resolved

Previously, when a shopper selected a shipping method on the shopping cart page and clicked Proceed to Checkout, the selection reverted to Please Select on the checkout page, but the associated cost remained. When the shopper then clicked Place Order, the page prompted another shipping method selection. Furthermore, debugging code sometimes appeared in the error message. Both of these issues have been resolved.

Live Shipping Rate Calculation Error Resolution

A comma character submitted in either City field of the checkout page causes live shipping rate calculation to fail. Now, when a comma is entered as the last character of the value, it will be stripped out to prevent the error.

USAePay Payment Method Conflict Resolved

Stores using the USAePay gateway for both credit card processing and electronic check processing were unable to process electronic check payments. This issue has been resolved.

April 14, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements

Order Search Enhancement

At Orders > Process Orders > Advanced Filters, the Order Status menu now contains a Partially Backordered option.

April 7, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements

New Subcategory Display Mode

On category edit pages of stores using responsive templates, under Advanced Info > Subcategory Display, the SubCategory Display Mode 2 menu now contains a Responsive Thumbnails option. This mode displays subcategory graphics in a responsive manner.

MyVolusion Resolutions

Email Account Addition Issue Resolved

Merchants were unable to add new email accounts. This issue has been resolved.

March 24, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Template Preview Issue Resolved

Previously, a hyphen in a template name resulted in an "Invalid Input" error during preview. This issue has been resolved.

Shipping Method ID Conflict Resolved

Some stores were able to create a shipping method with an ID value that duplicated the ID value of a default system method. In these cases, the custom method failed to display rates. This issue has been resolved.

Sell on Amazon Missing Data Issue Resolved

Some product listings created by Sell on Amazon were missing quantity, price, or date information. This issue has been resolved.

March 10, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Product Photo Display Issue in Recent History Section Resolved

Previously the Recent History storefront section failed to display a photo for products using the Use Same Photo As ProductCode setting (at Advanced Info > Misc ). This issue has been resolved.

AddThis Link Issue Resolved

Due to a code change by AddThis, stores using our integration were receiving invalid sharing links for Twitter and email. This issue has been resolved.

March 10, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Amazon Payments Missing Data Resolution

Some orders using Amazon Payments as a payment method were failing to reach Amazon. In these cases, orders had a status of “New” with no payment information in the Payment Log. We’ve released an update to address this issue.

PayPal Express Orders Missing Data Resolution

Some orders using PayPal Express as a payment method were missing a Trans ID value. We’ve released an update to address this issue.

Incomplete Skrill Orders Resolution

Shoppers using the Skrill payment method were able to place orders without completing the payment process with Skrill. This issue has been resolved.

Product API Import Error Resolved

The Custom Field values on products allow 255 characters, but API imports that contained more than 50 characters in these fields resulted in an error. This issue has been resolved.

Missing Payment Data on StoneEdge Integration Exports Resolution

Exports through our StoneEdge integration no longer contain missing payment data for orders using Amazon Payments, PayPal Standard, and PayPal Express.

Purchase Order Generation Error Resolved

Orders for products set to automatically drop-ship that use the Electronic Check payment method now generate a purchase order properly.

Feb 11, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Amazon Payments Discrepancy Resolution

Some merchants have intermittently seen discrepancies between the Volusion Total Due value and the equivalent value in Amazon's dashboard. We've released an update to address this issue.

E-check Payment Error on Phone Orders Resolved

Selecting Electronic Check on phone orders will no longer produce a "ProcessECheckOrder" error that prevents order placement.

MyRewards.asp Page Display Issue Resolved

Some templates, including Wood Coat and Light Grey, displayed misaligned menu and footer text on the MyRewards.asp page. This issue has been resolved.

"None" Payment Method Can No Longer Be Deleted

The default payment method, None, can no longer be deleted. Doing so previously resulted in errors.

Easy Editor Content Loss Issue Resolved

When using either the rich text or the code view of the Easy Editor, pressing the ENTER key between

tags no longer causes all other content between the tags to disappear.

PayPal Express Order Duplication Error Resolved

Redirect failure from the checkout page to PayPal Express can no longer result in a duplicate order. Instead, users now receive an error message: "Your order has already been placed. Your Order Number is XXXX."

Friendly Error for Deleted Products

Direct visits to URLs of deleted products no longer result in a 404 error. Instead, users see the default message, "The product you are trying to view no longer exists."

Jan 28, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Amazon Payments Updates

We’ve made the following improvements to the Amazon Payments integration:

  • Amazon Payments Seller Order ID now matches Volusion Order ID.
  • Amazon Payments orders display billing name and email address, as the billing name is not always the same as the shipping name.

Order Processing Updates

Resolved an issue where recurring billing caused errors during credit card edits. To make changes to an existing credit card, customers must delete the card and re-add the card information.

One-Page Checkout Updates

We’ve resolved an issue with trailing spaces on form fields.

Slider Image Updates

Resolved an issue where slider images were not clickable on IE11 on Windows 7.

Jan 19, 2016

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Amazon Payments Updates

We’ve made the following improvements to the Amazon Payments integration:

  • Address with multi-part names now accepted
  • Accounts with no phone number saved can submit orders
  • Improved error messaging for invalid passwords

Order Processing Updates

We’ve corrected an issue so that the shipping methods dialog box does not hang.

PayPal Express Updates

We’ve resolved an issue between Volusion and PayPal Express.

UPS Online Tools® Registration Updates

Now you can accept the terms of the service agreement without an error.

Multiple Display Improvements

  • The phone order page now alerts you when required fields are left blank.
  • Review stars on product pages now display correctly.
  • PageText for review display now works properly (PageText ID 511).

Nov 12, 2015

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Sample Formatting Added to Amazon Payments Fields

In Settings > Payments, on the More Payment Types tab, we have added sample values in the Amazon Payments Seller/Merchant ID, Client ID, and MWS Auth Token fields. We’ve also made the fields longer so that they are easier to edit.

Nov 5, 2015

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Abandoned Cart/Order Retention Email Waiting Period Honors Store Time Zone

If you have enabled the abandoned cart/order retention automated email, this email now honors your store’s time zone when calculating the waiting period you have defined before sending the email. The waiting period is twelve hours by default. To learn more about this email, visit How to Save Sales by Sending Order Retention Emails.

Generating barcodes from incorrect UPC codes results in meaningful error

On a new or existing product page, if you enter an incorrect UPC code and click Generate Barcode, the error message no longer returns a 500 error. Instead, the message indicates the value is not valid.

Oct 29, 2015

V13 Platform Enhancements and Resolutions

Pay with Amazon Integration

Volusion has a new integration with Amazon Payments. This integration saves your customers time and gives them more shopping flexibility, as they can checkout on your site with the shipping and payment information stored in their Amazon accounts. If your site uses a responsive template, this is especially beneficial to your mobile customers.

When you integrate your store with Amazon Payments, your customers will see a Pay with Amazon button below the Proceed to Checkout button. Here they can login with their Amazon credentials and on the store checkout page, they will select their shipping information from Amazon's Address Book widget and their Payments information from Amazon's Payment Method widget.

You process Amazon Payments orders and refunds the same way you process other orders, with a few differences on the order details page. For example, the Payment Log shows each transaction as "Paid Via-Amazon Payments."

To configure your store, you need to register with Amazon and configure settings within your Volusion Admin Area. For a full list of requirements and instructions, visit the Amazon Payments KB article.

Mobile Checkout displays correct price for free accessories

If your store has Mobile Checkout enabled, you can now add free accessories to a product and the price reflected in the mobile Setup Cost and the cart for the free accessory displays correctly as $0.00.

Mobile Checkout displays correct information for recurring products

If your store has Mobile Checkout enabled, you can now add recurring products and the recurring product information, including price, will display correctly on the mobile checkout page.

Order Has Shipped emails include correct date format

In Settings > Config Variables, if you set a date format for the Order Has Shipped Emails, the date is now formatted correctly in the tracking number section of the email.

Rich snippet code updated for YouTube videos on product pages

The rich snippet code created when you add a YouTube video has been updated so that Google no longer throws an error when viewing the video on a product page.

Oct 7, 2015

V13 Defect Resolutions and Other Modifications

Product Comparison Opt–Out Setting Functions as Intended on Category Pages

When you select Product Comparison Opt-Out for a specific category (under Advanced Settings > Misc), the category page no longer displays Compare check boxes. This functionality applies if you select Enable Product Comparison for Categories under Design > Product Display Settings > Product Comparison Page.

Autocomplete Passwords

If you disable Enable Password Autocomplete under Settings > Config Variables, the Returning Customer? Sign in link on the storefront checkout page will now appropriately disallow browsers from autocompleting passwords.

Admins Can Move Anonymous Abandoned Carts without Administrators Permissions

All admin accounts with the necessary access permissions (Customers, LoginAsCustomer, Orders) can move anonymous abandoned carts to the storefront or Phone Orders page. Admins no longer see a “Sorry, this order was placed by an administrator…” message when their account doesn’t have Administrators access permissions.

Abandoned Carts with a Large Number of Line Items

The Orders > Abandoned/Live Carts page no longer produces a 500 error when an abandoned cart contains more than 2,000,000,000 items (primarily attributed to search engine crawlers). Previously, the error produced by an abandoned cart of this size prevented a merchant from viewing the table for 30 days.

Phone Orders Without Sales Rep No Longer Cause 500 Error

You no longer receive a 500 error when attempting to place a Phone Order with the Choose Sales Rep menu set to Select.

Chrome for iPad is a Supported Browser for Admin Area

You no longer see an “Unsupported Browser” message when accessing your Admin Area in Google Chrome for iPad. If you are using IE7, you will still see an “Unsupported Browser” message.

Messaging on Tax Page No Longer Obscures the Add and Settings Buttons

Success and failure messages that display at the top of Settings > Tax no longer prevent access to the Add and Settings buttons

Security Updates

Additional updates were made to ensure Admin Area security.

Aug 27, 2015

V13 Defect Resolutions and Other Modifications

Updated Share Product Pages on Facebook Feature

Resolved an issue where sharing a product or category page on Facebook resulted in html tags appearing in your Facebook post. Now if you go to Marketing>Social and log into your Facebook account, you can share a product or category page to your Facebook wall with no html tags displayed.

Updated Phone Order New Customer Section

Go to Orders>Phone Orders and select New Customer. Two updates have been made in this section:

  • Password is no longer a required field. You can now create a customer with only an email address, which makes the new account anonymous.
  • The Email Subscriber checkbox gives you the option to add the new customer to your email subscription list.

Updated Ability to Test Business Shipping Rates

Resolved an issue where testing business shipping rates returned residential rates. Now you can accurately test both business and residential shipping rates. For example, you can test both FedEx Home for residential and FedEx Ground for business. To test shipping rates:

  1. Go to Settings>Shipping.
  2. Expand the Test Rates section.
  3. Select your business option.
  4. Select Get Shipping Rates.

Fixed Security Issue in Forgot Password Emails

Resolved an issue where the forgot password email contained a non-secure login link, even if your store has SSL. Now the link to reset passwords in the forgot password email is secure.

Fixed Anonymous Checkout Setting for Mobile Devices

An update was made to the Anonymous Checkout Setting for mobile devices so that it does prevent anonymous checkouts when enabled. To apply this setting:

  1. Go to Settings>Config Variables.
  2. Select Checkout Variables.
  3. Uncheck Allow Anonymous Checkouts.

Issue Resolved for Specific Characters Generating An Error in Query Strings

Resolved an issue where specific characters were generating errors in query strings.

Aug 20, 2015

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

Issue Resolved for Links With Special Characters in the Query String

Resolved an issue where links to your site that include special characters in the query string should no longer return an invalid input error.

Issue Resolved When Registering for USPS Web Tools

Resolved an issue where registering for USPS Web Tools returned an error. When you select Settings>Shipping and add USPS, the Register Now button goes to the correct link.

Aug 6, 2015

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

Issue Resolved For The Sitemap.xml File

The sitemap.xml file has been updated to no longer display any products or categories marked as private.

Issue Resolved For Stores Defined As Electronics Store

If your store is defined as an Electronics Store (Settings>Company), a typo in the schema file has been replaced with valid markup. Now the URL is http://schema.org/ElectronicsStore\.

Jul 16, 2015

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

Sage Pay Payment Service Updated

The payment service integration with Sage Pay has been updated to support Sage Pay version 3.00. New mandatory fields are now sent to Sage Pay for version 3.00.

Refer to Sage Pay Version 3.00 for more information.

DigitalRiver/Beanstream Payment Service Updated

The payment service integration with DigitalRiver/Beanstream gateway now sends an IP address to DigitalRiver/Beanstream.

WorldPay Payment Service Updated

The payment service integration with WorldPay gateway has been updated to ensure compatibility with WorldPay V2.0.

V13 Defect Resolutions and Other Modifications

Issue Resolved for Crediting Transactions Using Authorize.Net

Resolved an issue where some transactions could not be credited when using the Authorize.net gateway. An error message was displayed advising that the expiration date was invalid.

Jul 2, 2015

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

Updates to Google Trusted Stores Program

The Google Trusted Stores program has been updated to enable the following features:

  • The Google Trusted Stores badge now appears on HTTPS sites.
  • UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Japan merchants are now accepted.

If your store is already participating in the Google Trusted Stores program, you’ll need to opt-in to the new program integration to take advantage of these updates.

To learn more about how these new features affect your store, refer to Integrating with Google Trusted Stores.

To learn more about adding the Google Trusted Store badge to your store, refer to Adding the Google Trusted Store Badge to Your Volusion Store.

To learn more about the Google Trusted Stores program, refer to Google Trusted Stores.

V13 Defect Resolutions and Other Modifications

Issue Resolved for Manage FTP section

Resolved an issue where the Manage FTP section of my.volusion.com would timeout or error when a large amount of FTP accounts, subdirectories, or files exist.

Visit Volusion FTP to learn more about the Manage FTP section.

Issue Resolved for Manage DNS section

Resolved an issue where the Manage DNS section of my.volusion.com displayed orders that shouldn’t be displayed.

Visit DNS (Domain Name System) Settings to learn more about DNS settings.

Issue Resolved for Automatic Tax Rates

Resolved an issue where you were previously unable to delete automatic tax rates from the Tax | Automatic Rates page located in my.volusion.com at Settings > Tax.

Issue Resolved for USPS International Mail Rates

Resolved an issue where USPS mail rates for international “envelopes” were not successfully pulled.

Jun 29, 2015

V13 Defect Resolutions and Other Modifications

Issue Resolved for Navigating and Searching in the Storefront Panel when the Point of Sale (POS) System Frame is Open

Resolved an issue that prevented you from navigating and searching content on the storefront (right) panel when the POS system frame was open. To resolve this issue, we added a new Point of Sale Scanner Only Config Variable.

If you are using the POS system exclusively with a scanner, enable the Point of Sale Scanner Only Config Variable. Note that when you enable the Point of Sale Scanner Only Config Variable, you’re unable to browse on the storefront (right) panel of the POS page when any non-secure content, such as images, JavaScript, or CSS, is present.

If you prefer to browse the storefront (right) panel of the POS page to add items to the cart, disable the Point of Sale Scanner Only Config Variable, enable the Force Secure Cart/Checkout Config Variable, and ensure that the store has an active SSL certificate installed. Note that when you disable the Point of Sale Scanner Only Config Variable, the storefront (right) panel of the POS page no longer auto-updates when you add items to the cart.

Visit Point of Sale (POS) System to learn more about using the POS system.

Jun 4, 2015

V13 Defect Resolutions and Other Modifications

Issue Resolved for Firefox 23+ / Chrome Mixed Content Blocking features

Resolved an issue where Firefox 23+ / Chrome Mixed Content Blocking features caused links in the POS (Point of Sale) frame to fail. You access the POS frame from Orders>Point of Sale. If your store has SSL and you want to use POS, you must check the Force Secure Cart/Checkout variable:

  1. Select Settings>Config Variables.
  2. Check Force Secure Cart/Checkout.

Visit Point of Sale (POS) System to learn more about this feature.

View older release notes

Issue Resolved for Managing FTP Feature

Resolved an issue where creating or editing within the Manage FTP section of my.volusion.com caused errors. These Manage FTP improvements allow you to work with much larger file sets and directory structures. Visit Volusion FTP to learn more about this feature.

Issue Resolved for Qualifying Orders and Google Trusted Stores

Resolved an issue where orders that should qualify for Google Trusted Stores did not. For example, now PayPal Express orders qualify as a Google Trusted Store. Visit Adding the Google Trusted Badge to Your Volusion Store to learn more about this feature.

Importing Products and Categories and the LastModified Column

We improved the accuracy of the last modified date for products and categories upon import. Now, if you create new products or categories via import and you do not include the LastModified column, the products or categories are created with a LastModified date of the current date/time for the server. This is PST (Pacific Standard Time) in almost all cases. LastModified updates in the following scenarios:

  • Imports will only insert LastModified date/time for new products and categories. If you change an existing product via import, LastModified will not be updated.
  • The date/time are only updated if the LastModified column is completely removed from the import. If you include the LastModified column but leave the field blank for new products, those products will not receive a LastModified value.

Note: Accurate LastModified dates are helpful for SEO purposes, as that value is included on the sitemap. If the LastModified value is left blank, then the sitemap will show the current date.

May 20, 2015

V13 Defect Resolutions and Other Modifications

Volusion has completed updates and resolutions for the following features:

  • Resolved an issue where customers could not search by numeric product codes in product pickers, such as Sell on Amazon, Deal of the Day, etc. Now customers can search in all areas by numeric product codes.
  • Resolved an issue where the Wishpot wish list was failing on secure pages.
  • Resolved an issue where incorrect product name information displayed on the storefront in some cases. Now the information from the ProductName field displays correctly on the storefront for Related Products, Accessories, Super Deal, Top Seller, and New Products.
  • Resolved an issue where PayPal Express orders intermittently did not transmit when shoppers placed an order from a mobile device.
  • Revised column headers and corrected typos throughout Volusion Admin.

Apr 13, 2015

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

Updated Password Reset Process

This release includes an update to the password reset process.

The customer account password reset process has been updated. Now, if your users click the Forgot Password link, they receive an email with instructions for resetting their password instead of receiving their password as plain text in an email. This is now similar to the password reset process for Administrator accounts; however the end-user account process does not include a captcha.

You will also see default text changes in Page Text for this update:

  • PageText ID 340 (“As you requested, here is your password”) will no longer be used in the email body.
  • PageText ID 343 (“We will email your password to you”) will no longer be used on the Forgot password confirmation page. Instead, PageText 831 (“In order to verify your identity, we’ve sent an email to you at {0} with instructions on resetting your password”) will be used on the Forgot password confirmation page.

For more information, visit Customer Password Management.

March 26, 2015

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

V13 Amazon Integration

Amazon Marketplace now requires an authorization token for all Amazon merchants.

Volusion has made an API update that gets and stores this authorization token for you, whether you are an existing merchant or new to Amazon Integration. You do not need to take any extra steps to receive this update.

For more information, visit Selling on Amazon with Volusion.

Mar 12, 2015

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

Facebook Social Sharing Updates

The API used for the Marketing > Social feature of your store Admin Area has been updated. Existing merchants who have already authorized the Volusion Social app to post to their Facebook pages will not need to make any changes.

If you are a new merchant, you must approve the Social app permissions when you initially enter your Facebook email and password. You must make the following selections:

  1. Approve the Social app to post on your Facebook wall.
  2. Approve the Social app to manage your business Facebook page. If you do not grant this permission, the app can only post from your personal account and not from your business account.
  3. Select the business account for which the postings should come from.

Visit Volusion Support to learn more about social media and how to post from the Social page.

Newsletter Subscription Updates

To ensure that all Volusion merchant stores comply with strict email spamming laws outside the US, the checkout page newsletter subscription checkbox is unselected by default for all non-US shoppers.

The Volusion storefront detects the language of the shopper's browser and leaves the newsletter subscription box unselected for all shoppers not using "eng-US" language.

Feb 4, 2015

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

Responsive Template Updates

This release includes a new grid view for Responsive Templates. These additions and improvements enhance all displayed content in a new Responsive Grid, shopper mobile experiences, SEO for mobile, and an option to display “Add to Cart” buttons on category pages and search results.

Responsive Templates support a new Responsive Grid as a display mode used in the storefront for displaying products on category pages, featured products, and search results. The displayed content resizes and shifts on the page display depending on your view. For mobile, the grid of products shifts to display one product at a time with a larger image, name, price, and short description.

New merchants and trials receive the Responsive Grid by default. Current merchants using a Responsive Template can select this display mode through the Product Display Settings page. You can select Responsive Grid for the Product Display Mode for every page in the Product Display Settings.

We also offer a new option to add an Add to Cart button for shoppers. You can enable this button by searching for Add to Cart options in the Settings > Config Variables. Our support staff can help!

In effect, every featured and searched product is in the spotlight, filling the smart phone screen. Product images display larger, giving shoppers a better view of the product. Swiping and scrolling through products increases conversion to sale with immediate visual and info impact, especially with the Add to Cart button enabled.

This change to a Responsive Grid also provides greater SEO to merchants. Search crawlers capture product data from their storefront with ease as the product image, name, price, description, and link are in one element of HTML data. Crawlers do not run into design issues with data in different rows and columns, increasing captured data and rankings for storefronts.

Jan 7, 2015

V13 Defect Resolutions and Other Modifications

Volusion has completed updates and resolutions for the following features:

  • When a customer completes an anonymous checkout order, data for the customer is added to the Customers table for viewing in the Admin area. The account includes all order content, email address, and a checked field for Is Anonymous.
  • When a logged in customer checks out through the storefront, customers can easily select from their stored addresses for billing and shipping drop-down menus.
  • Resolved an issue to allow customers to select any all predictive search results in drop-downs. Products displayed using predictive search in drop-downs would only allow customers to select the top option. This release properly allows customers to select any option displayed up to 255 characters in length from the predictive search results.
  • Resolved CSS styling issues for List Item Popout menu navigation on the storefront. These menus encountered display issues when the entered SEO Friendly URL name used numbers that partially matched a category ID number.

Oct 28, 2014

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

V13 New Homepage Slideshow

Have a great template you love, perhaps a new responsive one, or a free one you found some time ago, and want to add something new to it? What about a slideshow!

A new, self-service slideshow is available for all templates (including free, premium, responsive, and non-responsive) to display on homepages with a revolving set of your image slides. These slides give you the power to display advertisements, incentives to purchase, holiday savings, coming soon promotions, and any other idea you can think of for increasing sales and pinpoint directing shoppers through your storefront.

New trial and merchant v13 accounts automatically have the Homepage Slideshow installed and active along with the Ethereal responsive theme. Three demo images display in the slideshow, ready for replacement with your artwork and links. Current trial and merchant v13 accounts can enable the slideshow, receiving a demo image (1 to 3) based on the installed and activated current template. If you are using v5 or v6, you must upgrade to receive and use the Homepage Slideshow. Support can provide further info as needed.

Need a few pointers and walk-throughs on the slides and slideshow? Learn more about the Homepage Slideshow through our Knowledge Base article! Need help with slides? Let our design experts give your site and amazing first impression. Learn more about our slideshow design services!

What does it do?

Do you have marketing art, photos of products, text on specials, and a product or category you want to direct shoppers to? Then you have the makings of a great slide!

You can add slide images and customize your slideshow through the Design > Homepage Slideshow page in the Admin area. The feature includes the following options:

  • When ON, the slideshow displays at the top of all content on the storefront homepage.
  • Displays a sortable list of slides. Drag and drop to set the order!
  • Customizable alternate text for each slide image, to increase the SEO.
  • Add a URL link support per slide to direct shoppers to a product, a category, a daily deal, anything on your storefront.
  • Set a layouts with Bullets (default), Numbered Bullets, Arrows, and Images Only.
  • Set a transition with Fade & Slide (default), Slide, Fade, Slide Up, and Zoom In. A preview displays with the transition using your slides!
  • All templates include demo slides as a sample. All templates for current accounts come with 1 demo slide. All new accounts receive 3 slides for responsive, 1 slide for all others. You can clear these slides to add your own, and load them again for ideas based on that template.

When added, the slideshow displays at the top of your homepage with the slide images rotating using the selected transition. Shoppers can view the slides, click to follow, and purchase your pinpointed deals and visit highlighted storefront pages.

Sounds great! How do I make slides?

You can make your own with any photo or image software or a great online app called Pixlr. All you need is some artwork, photos, text to add, and an idea. Beyond the specifics of image size and file type, you may want to consider the content. Moving one slide to the next like a story, highlighted promotions and seasonal sales, trending products and categories, and much more.

If you want to create the slides, all slides must follow these guidelines:

  • Recommended dimensions 960x540px.
  • File size should be less than 2MB in size.
  • Supported formats include JPG, PNG, and GIF.
  • Drag and drop or upload each image, one at a time.

The Knowledge Base article can also help, including a template image to download and use for building your slides, flow ideas for your slideshow, and much more! Of course, you can also check out the demo slides for more ideas. Our Volusion bloggers will also post ideas, tips and treats, and more to give insights.

If you need help with custom slides, our Volusion Design Services team does provide a slide creation service.

Oct 22, 2014

The Volusion Platform Enhancements (v13)

V13 mCommerce Redirection for Responsive Templates

This release provides the final step for fully supporting responsive templates with mCommerce redirection services to the storefront. When installing and activating responsive templates, mCommerce automatically disables. To direct all shoppers and search engine crawlers to your new responsive storefront, activating responsive templates adds redirection for all mCommerce pages to your storefront. This includes any bookmarked or saved links your shoppers may use. Search crawlers also are redirected to "crawl" the new responsive storefront.