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  • Show you're trustworthy: Pass our security tests to display the TrustedSite trustmark, which lets visitors know your site is one of the good guys.
  • Increase conversions: The TrustedSite trustmarks are tailored to convert more visitors at every stage of the sales funnel.
  • Get repeat business: Shopper Identity Protection covers your customers in the event of identity theft, giving them a reason to come back again.


    Sell more with trust

    Address the concerns that cost you sales by meeting the TrustedSite Certification standard and showing your site is trusted at every stage of the buying funnel. Tested and trusted by Burts Bee's, LensDirect.com, CarCovers.com and more.

    How it works

    The TrustedSite certification ensures your customers can trust your site and your business. We begin by checking your site for security issues and verifying key contact information so we know your site is secure and your business is legitimate.

    Once you've passed our security scan, your site begins displaying the TrustedSite floating trustmark for up to 500 visits per month at no charge.

    When your visitors click on the trustmark, we'll show them an on-site modal available in 20 languages. It shows the secure status of your website. Additionally, we'll show you are a Verified Business by independently verifying your key contact information and displaying it on your verification modal—proving that your business is legitimate, reliable, and can be trusted.

    Get Pro

    Upgrade to a paid plan and get even more features, including:

    Display to all of your customers: With our free plan, we'll only display the trustmark for your first 500 visits each month. With our Pro plans you can select the limits that make sense for your traffic.

    The Complete System of Trustmarks: Display a wide variety of trustmarks to convert visitors at every stage of the sales funnel. The trustmarks included are:

    • The TrustedSite floating trustmark
    • The TrustedSite Secure Checkout trustmark
    • The TrustedSite Secure Form trustmark
    • The TrustedSite Secure Login trustmark
    • The Shopper Identity Protection trustmark
    • The McAfee SECURE engagement trustmark

    Issue-Free Orders: Show off the percent of orders that you completed without any problem.

    Shopper Identity Protection: Protect your customers with 90-days of Identity Protection good for up to $100,000.