Sandra Hernandez Yedor Sandra Hernandez Yedor,
Volusion Merchant

Migrating from Magento?
Earn More With Volusion

Magento 1 is shutting down, but Volusion is here to stay. Switching from Magento to Volusion is not only easy — it just might make you a profit. Our merchants earn an average of 2x more than those using other platforms, which is good news for you and your store.

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Sandra Hernandez Yedor Sandra Hernandez Yedor,
Volusion Merchant

We are here to make the switch easy.

Make the Switch from Magento to Volusion

We know that having to replatform your store is a big task. Luckily Volusion has features that will make the switch more than worth it.


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Volusion has been driving online merchant success since 1999, and we were the first to release key features like one-page checkout

Volusion merchants have earned more than $27B in sales to date

Volusion offers in-house design and marketing services to grow your online business


Merely PCI compliant – doesn’t offer the same level of security as Volusion’s full PCI/CISP certification

Magento is shutting down, which means that stores on their platform have an expiration date

Burdens you with finding design and marketing assistance by not offering those services in-house


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Take advantage of easy to use, built-in integrations and apps

Protect yourself against credit card fraud by taking advantage of our built-in Fraud Score™ service

Try our new, mobile-first V2 platform, which allows you to create a store and start selling within minutes


Drop shipping capabilities are only available on Magento’s non-SaaS platforms

Doesn’t offer FTP access to help support the basic control of your site design and related images

No built-in access to allow your customers to set up recurring billing for products you sell


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Save more! Volusion never charges you transaction fees for using our platform

Sell more! Volusion merchants on average earn 2x more revenue versus the industry standard

Get access to 500+ help articles, 350+ tutorial videos and 1000+ blog posts, all free of charge


Magento's hosted service lacks the full breadth of features of the more commonly known community edition

Magento does not offer a built-in Content Delivery Network to speed up page loads

Important selling tools like Daily Deal coupons are only available through paid app extensions

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See why Volusion merchants earn 2x more on average than sellers on
other ecommerce platforms.

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