Jumpstart Holiday Sales With Social Media

Holiday ecommerce in the US is expected to reach over 84 billion in 2015. Is your social media strategy ready to grab your piece of the holiday sales pie?

Don’t squander the lucrative holiday season by failing to plan ahead. Join the social media experts from Hootsuite and Volusion for a free webinar on crafting a holiday social media strategy that not only builds your brand, but also earns you more this holiday season.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why social media works so well for ecommerce – especially during the holiday season
  • Identifying your target audiences
  • How to craft an effective brand voice
  • Planning your holiday social media calendar
  • Crafting meaningful campaigns for each network
  • How a little generosity can delight your target market in order to drive brand loyalty and sales

Summer is officially over and it’s time to start preparing your business for the busiest selling season of the year. Let our team of experts show you how to optimize your store and get more sales rolling in.

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