Ecommerce Software Comparisons

Ecommerce Platform Comparisons to Find the Best Plaform for You

Volusion is an all-in-one ecommerce solution. See how we compare against our competitors.

"Shopify is NOT very clear on the transaction fees and advertising these fees to potential users. Shopify needs to do a better job of making these fees apparent. I don't see an incentive to stay with Shopify long when they are entitled to 2% of my sales."

-Shopify Customer

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“We chose Volusion after being unhappy with Yahoo Stores. It was no contest once we stumbled upon Volusion’s website. They had everything we wanted that Yahoo! didn’t.”


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“Bigcommerce’s web site advertises features that their service promises to provide. None worked, literally none. No support was given. No tech support tickets were ever followed up on. When pressed they ignored the problems until we CC’d management and only then told us to code it ourselves.”

-Bigcommerce Customer

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Etsy charges listing and selling fees. Volusion offers the complete ecommerce functionality needed to grow an online business long term.

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Selling on Ebay isn’t the same as owning your own brand and shopping experience. Consumers appreciate professional websites. Volusion offers the freedom to grow your business and sell on Ebay directly from your Volusion store.

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Why choose Volusion?

  • All-in-one ecommerce solution – hosting, website and shopping cart software
  • Responsive designs available – plug-and-play designs provide consistent shopping experiences across tablets and mobile devices
  • No hidden transaction fees – keep every penny of what you earn
  • Secure checkout on your own domain – shoppers stay on your site to complete the sale
  • Over $18 billion in transactions on the Volusion platform – security and payment card industry (PCI) compliance is one reason why Volusion is the trusted ecommerce platform since 1999