Volusion credit card processing vs PayPal

Boost conversion rates with a professional payment gateway solution

Experience the difference of an all-in-one merchant account and gateway solution. A merchant account provides your customers with a streamlined checkout process without any third-party intervention. Using a merchant account also gives your store a more professional, established and credible appearance, which is essential in boosting your conversion rate.

Payment processing with Volusion:

  • Receive payment in as few as two days and have the funds directly deposited into your bank account.

Payment processing with PayPal:

  • Receive payment in 3-4 days.
  • Request a transfer to your bank account instead of having this done automatically.

Here's how we stack up

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24x7 Live telephone support.
Interactive support via email and chat.
Dedicated credit card processing support department here to help every step of the way.
Customer service is automated, so you're talking to a machine - not a human.
Phone support is only available to PowerSellers and above.


Volusion offers some of the best rates in the industry for credit card processing.
Application and setup fees are included at no cost and the standard rate for web/mail/phone order transactions is 2.15%.
PayPal's rates vary based on the payments received per month. The fee per transaction for payment amounts of up to $3,000 is 2.9%.
With Volusion you pay 2.15% a transaction, resulting in higher savings for merchants.


Accept credit cards directly on your site for customer convenience and boost sales.
Credit cards and debit cards continue to be the preferred choice of payment when shopping online.
Customers must set up a PayPal account in order to purchase, creating an extra step in the buying process.


With Volusion, you are part of a protected network that is PCI/CISP Certified.
Our hardware and hosting facilities have exceeded industry standards to provide your customers with the most secure buying experience possible.
PayPal is not a regulated financial institution and is not FDIC insured.


Display the Verified Volusion Merchant seal directly on your site to provide customers with peace of mind that their information is securely collected, processed and stored.
All points of the transaction are handled in one place.
PayPal is often seen as an entry solution in comparison to a merchant account and gateway account.
It's a third-party option with a separate checkout process that is well-suited for beginners.
Customers must leave your site to process payment.


With Volusion's Fraud Score™ service, you can gauge how much risk is involved with every order all within the store's admin panel.
Fraud Score verifies over 15 data fields to identify traits associated with fraudulent orders and scans over 100 million previous events.
PayPal monitors its own fraud filters and you have no insight to how transactions are accepted or declined.
Without making an educated decision yourself, you risk missing out on potential sales.