Your Mayne Kitchen Supplier Cooks Up Sales with Shopping Feed Service

An optimized shopping feed plan creates a huge return on investment with traffic and conversions.

The team at Your Mayne Kitchen Supplier has experience that spans many years in the kitchen and restaurant supply service industry. In 2009 they had a vision to put together a business that focused on providing the best products at a competitive price, while providing the customer with the highest quality service possible. As a customer-centric business they put their customers’ needs first, striving to build relationships while building their business.


Your Mayne Kitchen Supplier owner, Katherine Mayne, came to the Volusion services team for help in November, 2011. She had been running her online store selling kitchen utensils, catering supplies and commercial kitchen equipment since September 2009 but traffic was limited and sales poor. It only had 20 orders between October 2009 and June 2010, and Katherine seriously considered closing her online store. She wanted to give it a last shot hoping shopping feeds would bring traffic and sales that could breathe life into her website.

Solution and Outcome:

Katherine purchased Volusion’s Starter Shopping Feed Management Service in November 2011 and, she was pleased with the outcome. Within four months, shopping feeds brought 4,070 visits, or 80% of her site’s total traffic, representing 64% of the total revenue she made during the time. Product feed is undoubtedly the biggest traffic and sales generator for her site as yet.

“Volusion’s shopping feed service has had a huge impact on our business. Our growth margin has been phenomenal and I’m quite impressed at how it increases each month.”

Other than direct sales from shopping feeds, Google shopping feed also assisted in 240 additional transactions generating a great amount of extra revenue. For example, someone found her product via Google feed and visited her website, but returned at a later time to make the actual purchase. Listing products on Google Shopping allows Katherine’s products to be integrated into Google’s organic search results, effectively giving the site more real estate in the search results.

“Since signing up with the Volusion marketing team, my profit margin has gone from virtually nothing to 100%.”


Congratulations to Katherine on a huge success and thank you for sharing your experience with us!


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2 Responses to “Your Mayne Kitchen Supplier Cooks Up Sales with Shopping Feed Service”

  1. jim auer

    Wow, the price of this is quite steep. Several other companies provide this at no additional cost as far as the Google Shopping feed. We asked about this product but were told we could manually download and upload our inventory to Google Shopping. This program was never addressed to us as available or it’s price. We believe this is poor communication on your part or the representatives part.

    • Matt

      Hi Jim, thanks for reading! You can absolutely manage your own shopping feeds with a multitude of shopping engines, as many of our customers do. If you don’t want to undertake that task, we also offer an ecommerce service, in which our team of experts fully manage and optimize your shopping feeds for you. This service is what Your Mayne Kitchen Supplier used in this case. -Matt


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