How to Avoid Being “That Guy” In Social Media Interactions

That Guy
We have all come across “That Guy” at one time or another using social media- you know the one we’re talking about! “That guy” does not use social media to participate in healthy balanced conversations; instead, he/she indulges in narcissism- making sure to be the center of attention or the loudest voice in every discussion. How do you know if you are “That Guy” in your social media efforts? Here are some classic “That Guy” actions when it comes to blogging and/or Twittering:

  • Posting comments on blogs just to drop your URL and promote your company/products/etc.
  • Twittering almost solely about yourself
  • Declaring yourself an “expert” or “guru” in everything you list as an interest on your various online profiles
  • Ignoring all conversations that are outside of your professional agenda
  • Advertising your sales on other companies’ blogs (especially competitors’ blogs)
  • Tweeting the same thing multiple times a day so that you make sure to expose your followers to your message all throughout their day
  • Dismissing any content or conversations that may conflict with your own opinions or experiences
  • Keyword optimizing your profiles so that they are virtually unreadable by real people (ex. “Ecommerce Online Selling Internet Small Business, Social Media, Marketing”)

If you are “That Guy” there’s no need to worry. Outlined below is the seven step “That Guy” recovery program:

  1. Be human– people want to see the quirky real you come out in all of your social media interactions
  2. Build relationships before you need them so that when the time comes you’re leaning on a friend not asking for a favor
  3. Follow a few key blogs and build a relationship with the authors/brands instead of trying to cover all of the blogs in your industry
  4. Stop focusing on numbers of followers, friends, etc. and remember social media is about meaningful interactions
  5. Teach yourself how to handle criticism so you can remain level headed in negative situations
  6. Promote others– if you are willing to dish out referrals and reviews others will trust you more than if you just promote yourself
  7. Listen– you don’t have to insert yourself in every conversation you find about your industry

A special thank you to Shannon Paul for contributing ideas for this post!

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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  1. Andy

    Gulp…I think I’ve been that guy.

  2. idris

    Very interesting post… I know who that Guy is…. 🙂


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