Is Someone Stealing Content from You? There’s a Quick Way to Find Out

You wouldn’t want a competitor to steal your marketing ideas. So why would you want them stealing the words on your website? Although duplicating someone’s content is not supposed to benefit your search engine rankings, it is not uncommon for someone to steal or “scrape” text from your site without linking that content back to you.

What can you do about it? There is a site called Copyscape that will show you all of the websites that have and are currently scraping your content. Checking this will ensure that whether you are writing words for a blog, a product description, or a homepage, those words will either remain original on your site or will at least be accompanied by a backlink.

Copyscape has been widely covered by the press and should make a good bookmark for you to check from time to time.


4 Responses to “Is Someone Stealing Content from You? There’s a Quick Way to Find Out”

  1. Anonymous

    If I knew how Google’s algorithms worked, I would be a billionaire. They keep much of their methods under wraps on purpose to protect their search engine from being manipulated or copied.

    Google did put out a blog post specifically on duplicate content. They do not put as much value in duplicate content so as to keep search engine results diverse and useful to users. Here’s more info:

  2. Mira's Desk

    Here is an interesting question regarding duplicate product description content. Many manufacturers provide the exact same content to all their dealers and retailers. If this is the case, then how does Google discern what is original and what is duplicate?

  3. blogadmin

    Actually, Google does not penalize the originator of the content, only the content thief. It does not benefit you to duplicate content in terms of SEO. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this or cares, so you might as well make sure your content is on your site and your site alone.

  4. Shopping Cart Guy

    One of the problems with someone stealing your content is that Google may see it and penalize both sites for duplicate content.


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