Displaying Your Number: Giving Consumers Peace of Mind to Purchase

You can go to the computer, search for an item, find what you are looking for and make a purchase without leaving your mouse and without saying a word. No hassle, but no worries? Even though you don’t have to speak to someone when making a purchase, the option will likely give you added confidence in following through with the purchase.

With this being said, is your phone number listed on your own website? It’s always a good idea to have your phone number listed on your site and in plain view for each potential customer to see. If your site is put together well with detailed pictures and product information, it is likely that most visitors will never call. And if you feel you don’t want to be bothered with a call, think about what that call is regarding. The customer is seeking information on an item you sell, and your answer may be the thing needed to push that particular sale. Having a live chat option will help keep you off the phone as well. It is too often that sites offer expensive products and assume that the customer will simply put their money out there with no if, ands or buts. Would you dish out $500 to buy a watch online, if you had no means of ever speaking to someone at the company? Displaying your phone number will give consumers some peace of mind in knowing that if they ever do have a question or a problem with an item they’ve purchased, you’re only a phone call away. Gaining your visitors trust is a huge step in gaining sales. Put your money where your mouth is (or, vice versa) and make sure your number is listed on your site!

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Happy selling!
-Stacie Leonard, Volusion

One Response to “Displaying Your Number: Giving Consumers Peace of Mind to Purchase”

  1. Ron Thompson

    Great info , I think that many high end buyers do need to have someone to talk with . The old problem of “I have to touch it ” is slowly changing . If a customer cannot hold it and touch it then they have to have the option to talk with you about it and feel as if they know you even if they have never met you .
    I have only ever had my contact number under the contact us heading . I will try it on the home page for awhile and see if the change will make any difference. I’m on the phone all day now, it can’t hurt!!
    R.T. http://www.ernestandleegifts.com


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