Relevant Homepage Content Will Help Optimize Your Site

The internet first began as a way of relaying information between different computer networks. Today, more and more people are using the internet to do their shopping as well as information gathering. Although online shopping is steadily increasing, search engines still value the internet as an information source- placing higher value on sites that offer informative, useful content. Therefore, having relevant information on your site’s homepage (related to your specific product line or services) will help your overall search engine optimization efforts.

Your Site from A to Z.
In order to create relevant content for your website, gather information about all aspects of your particular industry. Think about your site’s product line from the minor basics, down to more involved information. What would your typical patron want information on? And what do you know that the everyday customer may not? Search the web for all information related to your product line and use that along with your own knowledge to create fresh and unique, original content.

Summarize, and then Expand.
Start your homepage text with a brief sentence that gives a summary of exactly what your site has to offer. Then, provide text highlighting and emphasizing the most important elements of your product line. Additional text should then be placed within your site’s category pages to provide more information regarding those particular items.

Place Top Keywords within Your Text.
Search engines have always loved text paragraphs and keywords. In order to further optimize your site, combine the two by placing relevant keywords within each of those text paragraphs.

The More Relevant Content You Provide on Your Site, the Better.
Relevant content is not only helpful in gaining the interest of search engines, it also piques the interest of your website visitors. Let searchers know quickly that they are on a site that has information related to what they are interested in, which will help lead to the products they are interested in!

-Stacie Leonard, Ecommerce Marketing/Copywriting

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