Spend Smarter and Get More, Even In a Recession

Many businesses these days are feeling the crunch when it comes to their marketing budget, leaving them with two options- spend less or make more with what you have to spend. But what if you could spend less and get more? Search marketing (or Pay Per Click advertising) may be the answer to your recession woes. As Laura Callow explains in her article “Is Search Marketing Recession-Proof?” in the Winter 2008 issue of Search Marketing Standard, search marketing is not recession-proof, but it is definitely recession resistant compared to traditional marketing for the following reasons:

  1. Boosts Publicity
    When it comes down to it, people need goods and services. Consumers will never completely stop purchasing, though they may scale back some. Many consumers are turning to the internet because it is fast, easy, and often cheaper than shopping at retail locations. Search marketing will help you to cash in on the increasing popularity of internet shopping.
  2. Targeted Traffic
    Unlike running television or radio ads you can target a specific customer when advertising online. You can place internet ads by country, state, or city. You can run ads all day every day or target a specific audience by running ads only when your target audience is usually online. You can change ad text to appeal to certain demographics. You can select the language in which the ad will run. All of these options mean that the money you are spending is more likely to have a better return on investment.
    Targeted Qualified Traffic
  3. Cost Effective/Easy to Track
    The biggest benefit of search marketing is that Return on Investment (ROI) is easy to track. With a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign you will always know exactly how much you have spent, and if you use tracking links you will know exactly how effective each ad has been. These major statistics are just the beginning. There are many more reporting programs available for your use when running internet marketing than traditional media marketing (television, radio, movies, newspaper, pamphlets, etc.)Firm statistics are absolutely essential in times when money is tight so you can evaluate exactly what is working and is what is not.
    ROI Tracker

Since search marketing is a financially sound strategy in the midst of the recession more businesses are using it. The businesses that were not using search marketing before are starting to do so and the businesses that were already using search marketing are relying more heavily on it. This new surge in search marketing is changing the face of routine marketing efforts with unprecedented speed. Now is the time to get on board if your business has not done so already!

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-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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    Combine ROI Tracker with Google Analytics Funnel Visualization and you should know exactly what your investments on advertising campaigns are producing.


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