Boost Your Sales this Holiday Season with an 800 Number

Looking to ramp up your customer service in time for the holidays? Why not try your own
800 number? Check out this guest post from our friends at Grasshopper to learn more.

Boost Your Holiday Sales

The holidays are just around the corner, and with the holidays come more customers, more sales, more traffic and well, more headaches.

Have you ever walked into a big chain store during the holiday season and been blown away by how good the customer service was? Didn’t think so. During the holidays, the whole idea of customer service seems to get lost.  As an ecommerce store, you can’t offer face to face service, but you can eliminate any headaches and make your customer’s shopping experience a pleasant and stress-free one.   After all, they did choose to come to your site over going to a store, where they would have direct access to store clerks and product experts.

So, how can your ecommerce store create a great holiday shopping experience for your customers? Make it easy to contact you!  The easier you make it for customers to buy from you, especially during the holidays, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Boost Your Holida Sales

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to display an 800 number on your site.  Why?

1. Peace of Mind

An 800 number adds credibility to your brand and helps establish trust with your site visitors and customers. Think about it, who would you trust more? A company with their contact information prominently displayed on their site, or one without it?  An 800 number not only makes your company look professional, but it will also give your customers the impression that you’re an established company, even if you have only been around for a few months and you’re the only employee at your business. (They don’t need to know that.)

2. Easy to Remember

An 800 number is much easier to remember than any other number, especially if you chose a vanity number. Need flowers? What’s the first number that comes to mind? I bet its 1-800-Flowers because they have built their brand around their vanity number.

3. Help from a Real Person

With an ecommerce store, customers don’t have the option to flag down a store clerk for help in selecting an item or to answer their questions, so knowing that a real person is just a call away if they have a question makes visitors and customers feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

4. Reduces Barriers to Purchasing Online

The buying process on your site may be crystal clear to you, but to a new customer, it’s unfamiliar.  Customers can get confused or have questions during the checkout process that they need answered before they can go through with the purchase.  By displaying your 800 number prominently on your site for your customers to call, it decreases the likelihood that you’ll lose sales when the customers abandon their order because of a question or confusion.

5. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Lastly, and most importantly, a toll free number improves customer satisfaction.  Simply letting customers know that you care enough to make yourself available to take their call puts their minds at ease when purchasing from you.   With improved customer satisfaction, comes repeat purchases and increased customer retention.

Volusion and Grasshopper Help Improve Customer Satisfaction

While the above reasons are all geared toward customer service, there is also something in it for you as a business owner!

The ability to track ROI.

Try this: Use a toll free number just for your site, or for certain pages on your site and then track how many people are calling based on the number they are dialing.  This way you can see where people are coming from and what pages give your customers the hardest time.

The holidays can be trying times for everyone, so do your customers a favor and make at least one aspect of their life easier.



Allison Canty is the Social Media Coordinator at Grasshopper, a virtual phone system for entrepreneurs.  She manages the online social presence for Grasshopper and is passionate about internet and social media marketing. You can connect with Allison via Twitter at @AliCanty.

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