5 Volusion Stores with Phenomenal Product Photos

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? When it comes to product photos like these, it’s a close race. Check out this post to see some fantastic product photography, as well as get some inspiration for your own.

blogpost_051513_productphotos_animationLooks aren’t everything, but they sure are important when it comes to your products. Although most businesses have product photos for their wares, there are some businesses whose product photos go above and beyond. Today, we’re going to feast our eyes on a couple of these businesses, and delve into how they use their product photos to simultaneously lure in customers and strengthen their brand.

Here are five Volusion-powered businesses that have phenomenal product photos:


1. Marketplace by TerraCotta

After finding success with their residential design and construction work, architectural firm TerraCotta opened Marketplace to provide customers with a selection of hand-picked, unique pieces of furniture, art and home decor.



Marketplace’s product photos are large and of high quality, which let customers get a clear idea of what they’re getting. Marketplace is also careful to include photos that zoom in on the details of a product, like the stud detailing on one of their chairs.



Another big part of TerraCotta’s brand is their distinctive aesthetic, and Marketplace’s product photos are careful to point out the uniqueness of each of their products. Notice how on these category pages, every product listed boasts a unique product photo backdrop, style and presentation. Not only does this make every product stand out on its own, but it reinforces their commitment to selling distinctive products.


2. Accessory Freaks

Accessory Freaks founder, Pam Sami, started out by designing and creating acrylic jewelry in her living room. Since then, her business has grown and her work has garnered such a large fan base that she’s expanded her product line to include sweatshirts and beanies.



One of the smartest moves Accessory Freaks makes with their product photo line-ups is to always include either a close-up photo, photos from different angles or both. This way, they mimic the experience of a customer picking up their products and looking at them in-person.



Furthermore, Accessory Freaks includes these kinds of photos for every color or style variation, letting customers get the clearest idea possible of what all of their products are like.


3. Kristina Goes West

Founded in 2011, Kristina Goes West is the premier online boutique for high-end fashion created by designers hailing from the Nordic-Baltic region.



Kristina Goes West is a great example of how to target your product photos to best appeal to your audience. Since they specialize in high-end, fashion-forward pieces, all of their product photos have a runway or fashion magazine feel to them, complete with many fierce-looking models.





They also give their designers free reign to express their individual styles in their product photos, which reminds customers of their mission to showcase a variety of designers who cover a wide range of styles.


4. Sweet Grass Farm

Specializing in natural soaps and body care products since 1991, Sweet Grass Farm is committed to creating and selling good-for-you products at an affordable price.



Sweet Grass Farm does a great job of using their product photos as a place to express their brand’s personality. With backdrops including wallpaper, towels and flowers, it’s easy for customers to picture these products in their own homes. For simpler product photos, Sweet Grass Farm uses a white towel instead of a flat background, which gives their products a cozy vibe.




Outside of bringing their brand style into their product photos, another thing Sweet Grass Farm excels in is its group pictures. These photos are not only well-done, but serve to contextualize their products and showcase their variety.


5. Sports Studs

Moms Carrie and Monica wanted to spend less on their children’s lost swimming goggles. They figured that if their children had a sense of ownership over their goggles, they’d be less likely to forget about them, and thus, Sports Studs was born.



Sports Studs product photos aren’t only of impeccable quality, but they also fit their brand style very well. Their ecommerce web design is crisp and minimalistic, and their pictures match that vibe. All products are on a simple white background, which lets the studs do all the talking.



Another good approach that Sports Studs takes is that they showcase the versatility of their product. They provide a gallery of different uses for their product, from tagging lunch bags to tennis rackets and more. By contextualizing their products, these product photos help make it easier for potential customers to imagine using Sports Studs on their own gear.


By investing in their product photos, these businesses are further defining their own brand while showcasing their products in the best possible light. Feel free to use these examples as inspiration for your own product photos, and let us know what other businesses’ product photos you’re impressed by!

Happy selling!
-Gracelyn Tan, Volusion


Gracelyn was a Communications Specialist at Volusion. She has a BA in English and Philosophy from Rice University, and when not reading or writing, she's dancing, meeting new people or winning staring contests with her cat.

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  1. Patty K.

    Hi, just signed up today and will start designing my store. My question is:
    How do you get the white background in the photos? It make the site look so much cleaner.

  2. Janet Duke

    Anxious to see what pictures you come up with. I sent invites to several of Brandy’s friends in Raleigh since I have facebook address for them.
    How will the buying process work?

  3. Patrick Barnhill

    I’m lucky we have a pretty awesome photographer. She is creative and loves taking and editing pictures:

    If anyone wants to talk about setups I love geeking out talking gear.

  4. Dafne

    I don’t know exactly how they created their photos but I’ve seen a lot of “average” photos get turned into spectacular photos like the ones above through photo-editing by professionals. Hope that helps.

  5. Rick Fonseca

    I would be very happy as well as David ( above ) if you can look into a little further as to how they are creating such photos.. Great info that you have put out there.

    Thanks for the info.

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Thanks for reading! And thanks also for the feedback! I’ll be sure to keep it in mind. 😀

  6. David

    Those are some great photos. It would be great if you would dig further into the back story on how they create those photos – lighting, props, camera, settings, lenses, etc. While our photos are not as good as those above, with a lot of trial and error, they’ve gotten better and given that we are an online only business – photos and videos are the bead and butter of our business, so getting them right is important.

    • Gracelyn Tan

      I’m glad to see your dedication to your product photography, David! 🙂 And thanks for the feedback! We’ll be sure to keep that in mind when we’re doing similar pieces in the future.

    • Travis Fletcher

      If you search in the volusion knowledge base I’m sure you will see a video from Matt, from two minute Tuesdays. He give a general idea of how to achieve quality product photos. I too am waiting for a more in depth video.

  7. Carrie

    We would like to promote Volusion and ourselves through this article. Is it possible to just have the top piece and our site so we can send it to our Facebook and LinkedIn contacts?

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi, Carrie. I’d love to help! Though, I’m not quite sure I know what you’re asking for. Would you mind elaborating a bit?


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